How do you download Eligors Spear Hack

Hello I am new to ROM hacks and am not sure how to download it properly. Can someone direct me to how to download Eligors Spear FE ROM hack?

You’ll need a ROM file of Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones (US version). Once you have that, download the dropbox file on the Eligor’s Spear FEU page ([FE 8](Full-Length) The Eligor's Spear v.1.0 release). Once you’ve downloaded that file, you will have to patch your FE8 ROM with a .UPS file contained in that dropbox file.
Check this guide to see more in detail how to patch a UPS file: How to Patch a ROM. In short, download NUPS, choose both the ROM and the UPS file, and voilà, you have Eligor’s Spear.


Thank you so much!