How do community blitz work?

Are there specific times where Feu is doing one or could someone just show up and say I want to do one and then people jump in and how does it work is it one person/team works on a chapter and then another one until it’s done?

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I think it’s usually done when someone rallies up the community & confirms that a number of people would be interested.

If it’s done in a buildfile, then everyone can work on it at once via github. If it’s done via febuilder, it might be passed from person to person. Examples include Community Blitz 5 and Call of the Armor, I think


Sounds interesting and fun, I kinda want to work on one now. Thanks!

if cota was a blitz it was the slowest blitz in existence

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community project i guess, not blitz

Darr’s typing a 3 paragraph reply ain’t he?

Ah, blitzes. I have written at length about blitzes in their heyday before: refer to the State of the Blitz for how they worked in 2018. Little has fundamentally changed. I’ll address your questions individually.

No. Blitzes are not scheduled. They happen when they happen, though generally people discuss these a few days in advance to make sure it would go at least somewhat smoothly.

No. Blitzes are somewhat of an old model, deriving from 2017’s Void’s Blitzarre Adventure. The original was headed by Circles, then a prolific assembly hacker (aka wizard) and now a discord admin. As a rule of thumb, tenure is required: nobody is going to join a new user advertising a blitz.

No. Development is not linear. The typical blitz workflow involves the blitz leader creating a spreadsheet to detail all the hack’s progress. Individual users claim individual chapters. There is nothing stopping someone from claiming the final chapter and creating it first.

Blitzes must be done in buildfiles for them to work properly. Due to the nature of many people working on chapters at once, Builder cannot be used. This has not stopped attempts at blitzing with Builder: they invariably end in tears.

As the name implies, blitzes are intended to be rapid, though they have a tendency to overrun their deadlines. Sometimes their leaders disappear midway through development. Blitzes do not equal community projects: Ternon was anything but a blitz.

That’s about everything. I’ve been in blitzes from the beginning, so feel free to ask questions on anything unclear.
Maybe we’ll finish VBA2 some day…


There are no plans for a new Community Blitz any time soon.