How can we improve FEU?

Hey everyone,

We’ve had a pretty incredible first year, and it’s important to me that we continue striving to improve as a community and as a resource for fellow ROM hackers.

What can we do to improve the forum?

Are there any resources that we’re blatantly missing?

How can we help promote a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers?

What can we do to attract more artists and other creative minds in the FE community?

Can we improve the organization/readability of content in any way?

Is there anything you’d like to see the staff doing that they currently aren’t?

Really, I’m open to any sort of suggestion or criticisms. Honest feedback from our members is incredibly valuable to this mission statement; complacency, after all, is the enemy of progress.

I thought it might be cool to use the banner feature (same one as you did for NCFC) to have a featured project of the week, or a featured assembly hack of the week, or featured sprites, etc.?


The animation list is embarrassingly bare compared to the one I compiled on SF. Now that ya’ll have spoilers, you should port mine over or add all the missing animations. Since mine sorts by weapon type, your unique angle could be putting them in the classic ‘type’ format. That will distinguish the two of them.

Tbh, I’d love to see a legitimate resource system implemented, such as this or this. Specifically one that’s extensible, offers a basic format users can follow for the less artistic or driven, and one that shows 1-3 screenshots of the project so you can get a feel for it at a glance.

Ban all shitposters on sight. I’ll take my leave now, save you the trouble.

Oh yes, tying into my second idea, if such a project system WAS implemented, you could have it cycle through screenshots of projects randomly, might increase clicks for project creators while also spicing up the front page a tad.

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Initially, I was hesitant to use the “banner pins” because it seemed intrusive - but since users just click ‘x’ and the banner goes away, it’s like a notification system of sorts. Great suggestion on how to utilize this feature.

Something like that, with a simple input form to add to the tables, would be total godsend yes. It’d need to have some sort of quality control measure (maybe the OP has to approve new entries before the edits go public).

Some of the plugins I’m looking at/keeping my eyes on:

The Translator is novel but I doubt we’d actually get much use out of it.

Google Docs looks amazing, I’d love to see that.

Image Gallery seems very standard.

Babble looks like it could be fun.

Dynamic sidebar is cool but I’m somewhat afraid of the clutter it may bring but if it can be closed by each user then I don’t really see the problem.

Adding those first two to Cam’s install list, lol. Hopefully an in-line gallery creation can help us attract more artists. I really do want to improve that section.

Babble is something I’ll be keeping my eyes on as it’s still in development.

Mainly I was looking at the sidebar in response sentiments like these:

Because yeah I guess there isn’t much that’s “attention grabbing” about the front page being a simple list of topics/posts. Another alternative would be finding a use for something like this, and creating a new front page to use in addition to the topic list.

EDIT: Add this one to the list, too. Having a “help” button in the post interface that explains DIscourse’s formatting quirks would help a ton.

Curated home plugin looks perfect! Alternatively I was thinking if the banner could rotate between featured hack/featured artist/featured project that would be awesome too.

If we do go down the curated home route, though, it would be nice for there to be an easy way to return things to the classic view.

Ideally, it would just basically be adding another button next to “Latest” that says “Home”

The more I look at it, the more I think it could be a great addition. Curating user-made content for front-page display is a way of saying “we support our members and their accomplishments,” and that’s what FEU is all about.


then you do it

i mean considering that you’re already the one supplying SF’s collection with, oh, i don’t know, every animation that comes through here, may as well make the feed bidirectional

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There was already a discussion about this on skype. Considering I spent 5 days making said topic, and then people shit on me for doing it because something something waste of time when community sourcing is so much better, you’d think people could have ported the whole thing in some form over in the last two months. Why do I have to do everything? In any case, porting it over should take a community of dozens far less time than making the whole thing from scratch again took me in the first place.

A one click way to go to the bottom of the replies (if this isn’t already in and i can’t find it)

you just click the topic title and it brings you to the bottom already…

unless the thread is new, in which case it might bring you to the latest unread post.

click the #/# in the bottom left of the screen and there are top and bottom buttons.


You can also press Home and End on your keyboard. I use those all the time, very handy.


[mind explodes]

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Nowhere else will those keys ever be this useful

Chill vibes only bros - I already updated it

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By the gods

What’chu talkin’ 'bout? I use Home and End all the time when typing (for reals; they’re dead useful all over the place). They also help with dropdown menus in Nightmare.