How can we improve FEU?


It was a yoke cuz everyone’s mind was blown. Apparently people hadn’t thought to use them before? lols


This. I use them all the time too. They’re great when I’m typing, go back to edit a line, and instead of reaching for my mouse I just slap End to jump back down to the last line to continue typing.


I’d like to have some Icons to recognize faster if its a topic about FE6/FE7/FE8. I’m tired to bump into a topic only to realize it’s about FE8 and promptly turning back to the main page.


Some kind of script that turns the “[FE6] [FE7] [FE8] etc” at the start of a thread title into an icon, maybe?

Now there’s just to debate over which game gets which color icon.


Better yet, a post icon system where people can pick from a small list of common tags to be used as an image next to the post.

Roy for FE6
Eliwood for FE7
Eirika for FE8


Use their map sprites :0


I was thinking more their chibis, but map sprites work too.


I was gonna say that’s because not every FE has chibis, but the games that get hacked the most here do so either is fine.


I was thinking more “rectangle that says ‘FE’ followed by the number of the game”


Sorry, what’s that? You want tags?

Didn’t the entire community reject these only months ago?


Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t there a slight degree of difference between “marking a thread as having information pertaining to x game” and “here are tags; use them for whatever”? The icons that I was thinking of would only be for that purpose; I sincerely apologise if it seemed like I was contributing to a suggestion of tags.


Looking at the september poll results currently, it’s a 53/46 for/against.

As for the icons, Maybe off to the left, before the post, marking what the thread is about, with a bit more granularity than the overall category system. Maybe like the questions category has the checkmark symbol, the resources/questions/documentation categories could have a symbol for what game(s) it’s for.


No the community rejected ugly plaintext under every topic title. Those aren’t really tags, they just ugly looking topic descriptions. Tags, or in the case of what we’re talking about, post icons, usually add a little bit of visual flair and if designed correctly (Perhaps by FEU veteran @Kirie?) they can make a forum look awesome without dragging it down.

No plaintext though, it’s just uguu.


Something that bothers me a little bit: This site doesn’t use a SSL certificate and my browser marks it as being insecure.

Technically getting a SSL certificate these days is pretty easy. Is the server hosting FEU running on linux? Because then you could just install certbot and edit the configuration of your web server for an easy solution.


We have a certificate, it just isn’t associated with the site properly and I haven’t had time to sit down and fix it.

Something about our docker setup (we use a really jank legacy discourse installation for Reasons) isn’t configured properly so it’s ignoring the 443 rules. certbot says everything is fine so I suspect it’s something in the docker itself. Figuring this out has been on my docket for a long time, I’ve just been really busy.

Thanks for reminding us!