Help with f.e builder

I was learning how to use the program and everything was working fine, i had completely replaced Seth with a Female Hero Anna. She has the female sprite on the map and in her character page, but the male hero sprite in combat. That and the line of text that reads “All thats left is their leader” still has the portrait as Seth.

Are these things that i just need to further edit?

Sacred Stones does not have the female hero battle animation by default, so you’ll have to insert it. The game will still load Seth’s portrait in dialogue if you did not actually replace the portrait itself.

Oh yeah theres no female hereos in this game, so how would I insert Echidna’s sprite for instance? If you dont mind me asking

Check my tutorial on how to add custom classes.

As for the line of text that reads “All thats left is their leader”, assuming you’re using Anna’s portrait that exists in the game, you have to manually replace the portrait of Seth with the portrait ID of Anna. This is the same for all the other conversation that Seth appears in.

An easier way is just importing Anna’s portrait over Seth’s.