Help me find a good Fire emblem Rom hack!

not a soul:
no-one at all:
not a single person:
an empty room:
absolutely zero personages:
unquestionably nil individuals:
nobody whatsoever:



Road to Ruin and Vision Quest are my go to recommends

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ghebfe? What’s it about?


Basically Gheb goes around being a terrible human being, pretty funny

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:scream: :scream: :skull:

Right off the bat, I’d really recommend you start with “Vision Quest” ([FE8] [Complete] Fire Emblem: Vision Quest (v2.3 - Final Release - 24-May-21)), “Code of the Black Knights” (FIRE EMBLEM - Code of the Black Knights: Decisive Edition (30 chapters)), and “Deity Device” ([FE8] [Complete] Fire Emblem Deity Device (Update through Chapter 21 now available)).
The three of them guarantee a pretty fun and memorable experience, both gameplay- and story-wise.


Deity Device seems interesting, Thx!

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Dark lord and the Maiden of light was one of my top best Fire emblem fan game I’ve ever played And Maximillion was My favourite Antagonist out of others in my opinion!

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Rezurection by Chrobin


Well, I’m not exactly well-versed in hacks, but I can’t pass up the chance to advertise my own hack, now can I?

(I’m still a noob when it comes to development, and the hack’s not finished yet, but I still think what I’ve got so far is pretty decent!)


So!? I don’t care if its bad or good you still made a hack that’s what really matter and your hack looks really interesting so I might play it!

Oh and what’s the story about?

The story’s a bit basic. One country (Fierte) has invaded their neighbor (Gaela), killed the royal family, and conquered just about all of it. The hack starts as just a bunch of civilians (and a few who defect from Fierte) just trying to survive, but it doesn’t take too long for things to get crazy. Eventually, it’ll end with not only freeing Gaela from the Fiertan occupation, but invading and overthrowing Fierte’s corrupt government.

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Mark my words I’m definitely gonna play your hack!

Thanks! (Though if you have any other hacks in mind, I’d suggest you play those first. Mine’s gonna have a new patch coming out in at most a couple days, so it might be better to wait until then before starting, assuming you haven’t already.)

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Got it! Come back here when it comes out!

I’ll be sure to!

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Hey, remember how I said I’d have the next patch ready in a day or two?

Well, I apparently have no life, because I just spent the last 9 hours working on the hack, and the v.08 patch has now been uploaded.

(So you don’t have to go scrolling through comments to find it, here’s the link to the page.)

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Yeeeeeeeeessssssssss thx you thx you Thank you!!!

you won’t find ghebfe here, feu has a content policy and ghebfe is waaay too crude, it’s very easy to find elsewhere though, just telling you so you know just how crude it can be.

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alright, Thanks XD