Help me find a good Fire emblem Rom hack!

Help meee!! So I’ve completed a lot of Fe fan games but now I’m find for a new hack but I just can’t find a decent hack! please request a Fe game for me to play!!




What’s it about?

probably pokemon

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Well i’d say its hard to recommend any hacks without knowing what you have.

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Just give me anything even if I’ve already played it.


Vision Quest and Four Kings are the main ones though, they are good too.

Also going to shill my own hack, Fire Emblem Fallen Flame.


Ok, let me go through my list of what i’ve played.

The Dark Hour
Dorcas Emblem 1 and 2
Order of the Crimson Arm
The Last Promise
Justice and Pride, both standard and Gaiden
Deity Device (currently going through overhaul ignore for now)
The Burdened Crown
Project Kenko
Road to Ruin
Couple of Mangs’s meme hacks
Sacred Wars
Project Ember
and finally Vision Quest.
Hopefully something in there isn’t something you’ve got.


Wooowwww thx so much and if you ever play more, please update your list!!

I can’t wait for your new hack!

What’s the story about so far Oh, and how much Chapters so far?! :smiley:

5 publicly released, 11 altogether so far.

The story is pretty simple for the most part, similar to Shadow Dragon in that you’re fighting against an empire of Manaketes, that’s the jist of it.

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when your done making it, give me the patch so I can play it first I don’t care if its bad or good just let me play it when your finish!!!

The Last Promise
The Legend of John

Whats The Legend of John about?

it’s exactly what it sounds like. the legend of legendary hero john jones


Well, to put it simply, it’s about The Legend of John.
Like the Legend of Zelda but John.


Road to Ruin is my favorite complete hack, with Sword of Heaven and Earth as a close second.

Deity Device released recently and is worth experiencing. Very cool project.

If you’re open to incomplete hacks, consider my personal all time favorite, Dream of Five.

Be safe and have fun.

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One hack that hasn’t been mentioned much is Dark Lord & The Maiden of Light, it has a playable tactician much like Order of the Crimson Arm but I think is a better implementation of it IMO, its an FE7 hack which theres not many of nowadays.

Also another one is Black Fang, but formerly known as Decay of the Black Fang, is another FE7 hack, I haven’t played a whole lot of it, but what I have played is that its a custom story taking place after when Nergal is killed.

There are others too but those are already mentioned :grinning:

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