Helmless Warrior combat animation for GBA Hacks


Since I´ve never been a fan of the classic Warrior helm desing in GBAs Fire Emblem, I decided to do my take on the class with a helmless reskin! Also wanted to do an option that better fits the portrait of the characters.
I´ve also added some animation tweaks to fit my own taste.

If you like it please feel comfortable to use it on your hack rom :blush:
I highly recommend on costumizing the colour pallet since I did a very basic design so you guys could implement your own colour scheme.
Also feel free to customize it if you want, adding a beard or a bandana or whatever you like.
I only ask that you credit me if you use it :blush:

On the drive link are the 100% gif and Aseprite files aswell, so its easier for you guys to implement and meddle with it if you want

what do you guys think?
cheers from Brasil


files: FE_reskins - Google Drive


He looks awesome. Reminds me of Diek. Only thing you could try to do left is making tge head bigger. It feels a bit off (which makes him cool anyway).

The anim could also serve as a basis to do customizations on the head. Good job.


Thanks! Yeah the head is already a little bigger than the other characters, and i did try to make it even bigger. But in pixel art is strange, making the head even bigger he starts to dont look human you know??

But yeah, the Warrior´s proportions are like that, he is just gigantic lol


Good work.
This gives me the hilarious feeling of Berserker Ross. Just imagine the little guy’s head on the body of the berserker battle animation.


lmao I originally did thinkin about garcia or bartre, but a warrior ross on this animation would be priceless.

Thanks a lot! I am learning on how to script it so people can use it

Yeah I think it would be difficult to do that. I wouldn’t know how to myself, haha, but as I said I do like the small head. It’s kinda charming. Now that I’m looking at it on a bigger screen it doesn’t look as off anymore actually.

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hey guys!

Just to let you guys know I remaked this reskin and now properly scripted to work no FEBuilder :blush:
thanks for the help and the tips you guys gave me!

if you guys want to use it you can check it here Fire Emblem Resource Repository (Battle Animations, Portraits, Music, etc) - #4653 by monk-han


Amazing :+1:

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thx :yellow_heart:

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