Hector Saves Christmas

It’s the holiday season, and Christmas in Elibe is in trouble. Can Hector step up to the task and save the day?

This FE8U hack features 1 fairly long and challenging chapter, differences depending on the difficulty mode, fully custom (and festive) music (minus title screen), multiple endings, and more!

Download (V2.2)


Version 2.2:
-Buffed secret characters
-Edited enemy weapons
-Edited phantom weapon list
-Summoning now only gives 1 exp (so you can’t grind off summoning as easily)
-Had accidentally deleted part of ending conditional, fixed and fully working

Version 2.1:
-Further nerfed boss
-Fixed ending conditionals & text

Version 2:
-Fixed stats
-Fixed weapon ranks
-Death quotes
-Fixed text
-Fixed everything else I could find that was broken
Thanks to @MrKarkino for helping work out the kinks

Shin19’s FE6 mugs with blinking frames
EldritchAbomination’s FE7 mugs in FE8 colours
Snakey1 for helping sort out some eventing things
Lenh for some help with rhyming touch-ups

Design, Strategy, Etc. (May be helpful if you're having a hard time)

There are 14 villages on the map. They can be visited in any order you wish, and all events are tied to the number of villages you’ve visited. Therefore, you as the player can directly control the rate of events in the game. You can route it to get very strong weapons from one of the two secret shops before Narcian even appears, or you could recruit the 2 secret characters. You have more control over the game than you most likely realize.


I did run into one problem so far, when Hector using any of his axes, his Axe Rank drops from S to A, making him unable to use his Armads

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Just the one?!

I mean, the premise is too funny for me to just write this one off as mediocre, but there are lots and lots of problems.


Updated to version 2, issues that I’m aware of have all been fixed

(sometimes you’ve just got to get it out there to get it all fixed up, you know?)

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Well, I didn’t know this was a ragefest submission pretending to be a Christmas hack.
But it really do be like that sometimes.


This is hilarious. However, Krampus isn’t the boss so you get 0 Roys out of 10.



Good times, good times.


Good to see we inspired a new wave of holiday themed hacks!


Hey I’m trying to patch onto my FE 7 (U) rom with multi patch but it won’t patch. Do I need to a PAL rom or some community made file to patch it properly?

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It’s actually an FE8 patch.


lol thanks, should’ve guessed from the title screen…

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Sorry, newb here.

A few things I noticed on my playthrough though:

-Durandal is not equip-able by Eliwood

-Villages can be still visited even after being destroyed (Although you’ll get the bad ending)

-Lyn has canto (? I’m not sure if this is an error or if blade lords are supposed to have canto, it seemed strange regardless.)

-Murdok’s team/squad does not have weapons (Again, don’t know if this was intentional, but it seems very strange.)

-Hector’s ability is highly exploitable [details=Exploit/spolier]The player can visit 1 town, and then grind on the boss and his hero friend till reaching level 20, this also puts the boss at a very low amount of health, so when the level needs to end he only has about 5 hp.


Hector is jacked

Boss is mostly dead (entirely from elf damage)

My Elf can one-shot the boss easily as soon as I need him to.


Anyhoo, fun patch (I enjoyed the music) and I hope you can get a few of the issues solved!

Version 2.2 now exists and addresses (most of) these issues
-Durandal was a bug, fixed
-Lyn having canto was a bug, fixed
-Murdock’s team not having weapons was my own forgetfulness, fixed
-Summons have been given different possible weapon options + summoning now only gives 1 exp, so it would take 10 times as long to exploit it in the way you pointed out

As for villages, there’s a specific flag that gets set whenever any village gets destroyed that forces the bad ending, so even though you can visit them when destroyed it will still give you the bad ending as intended; at the same time the event ID for the village visit is supposed to be set but also there are 14 versions of the event and in the state I have the hack currently going through and changing them all is a pain so because it works the way it was intended even though visiting destroyed villages is unintended I’m just going to leave it as-is plus my personal favorite bit of flavor text is in the village that’s most likely to get destroyed so I’m okay with you always being able to see it

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I honest to Kaga thought Murdock’s squad was unarmed so that it’d be difficult to engage him on player phase.

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