Hax 4 $$$

I need some fast cash for a new laptop so I’m willing to take on some hacking requests for pay whether it be an assembly hack for the game or a program to edit the game easier. Shout them out and we can reach some agreement. Cheers

How much would a OS X tiled map inserter run for?

Can’t you just compile it for Mac OS? I don’t think i have to make another one

do you do portraits? or is more along the lines of wizardry?

Nah no art sorry

I might be able to recompile that while I’m on my mac sometime. I’ll just have to set up a C# compiler. If I’m able to do that, I can get you EA too.

For real?
That’d be sweat
(Would I pay you or no?)

Pay me $0.25


I don’t have the ability to pay at this time but if someone does and is looking for an idea I would suggest some sort of tool that makes editing map tilesets easier. Something that makes it easier to import your own custom sets, give them proper palettes and set up the terrain “acts like” properties. Basically, something to make fully custom tilesets more feasible because as I understand it now, it’s fairly complicated, especially the part where you specify terrain types on tiles. It still kinda baffles me that we don’t have a tool or more documentation for this topic (and if we do then I guess I just need someone to point me in that direction).

That’s exactly what I am working on. Could you please provide me with more details on it? Like the structs of the data related to it.

I’ve inquired with some of the other people on Discord. I personally have no experience with or data about the structures of tilesets but others here surely must.

I am in the same boat as FPZero, but if anybody else is willing to pay for it, a more streamlined map sprite insertion tool would be nice (GBAGE never seems to do well for this purpose.).

@CT075 had an FEE3 project which was this

I think I saw this somewhere before but I can’t seem to find it now, was there ever a patch for other healing items, like making potions or concotions? If not, how much would something like that cost?

Maybe you should read this:

I made an fe8 equivalent but I’ve been meaning to make a program for easy insertion since most people don’t like messing with function pointers

@Brendor I was working on one of my first asm hacks a while back but stopped because i couldnt get an animation to play with my item. I am back from vacation now and am working on a romhack, and would like to use my item but am incapable of finishing it. If you could just locate to the necessary parts of the routine that i need to jump to i would be willing to pay you however you see fit. Ill tell u more if you are interested.

Yeah I read that document but still having trouble with it, so I thought since I’m willing to pay, maybe there can be an easier way to create custom healing items.

So would an FE7 version be purchasable, Brendor?

Like tutor you or just make your thing work?
I could do something with items I just need the specs