Hax 4 $$$

My item effects and sound functions correctly, and it loses uses and all that as it should, but ive had alot of trouble getting the map animations to play correctly. I have the location of some of the routines that need to run for the graphics to play but i havnt been able to separate out the graphics from the effects of the origional item. (Im using the pure water animation btw) if you could write a script just for the graphics or just tell me where to branch/what the registers need to contain is thats all i need.

That should be simple
How’s a ten spot sound?

Yeah just me what you need/want

That sounds great! Tell me if you need anything from me (relevant offsets, my existing source, ect.)

Yeah give me your source
I guess while I’m at I’ll see if I can make it more compact or error free

Here are the two parts:

(this is for fe8 btw)

Here is the code for the effect the item triggers
checks if the unit moving has the 0x8 or sick status, and if it does replaces the character’s movement cost pointers with peg knight pointers

Here is the item itself

Bumping this because I’m in a precarious financial position, and I need to pay for school so I’m open to requests.


Bumping again
I realize I haven’t done much in a long time and I’m basically irrelevant to the FE community at this point, but I’m still up for making things.

Hello Brendor, I’m having a problem with dancers.
My hack is gonna be kinda multiplayer, so I need like 3 dancer classes and 2 bard classes. They work fine, but if the dancer/bard is enemy/npc, they cannot use the dancing rings, they can only use them in player units, even if they are enemy/npc. How much would you charge me to fix that out?

NEVERMIND, justchanged the pointers of the target and condition to the barrier…Seems to work fine…

Alright, glad you got it working :+1:t2:

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But better yet, Can we get 3 or at least 2 Preparation screens, extra prep screens for NPC and enemy, and or getting the game to support more than 20 NPC? I would like to have 50/50/50 but I think It could work with 30/30/30.
You think that is possible? How much would it cost?