Guys what are good FE8 Hack ROMs actually 100% done to play?

Yeah, I’m just looking for Hacks that are fully finished with all supports and everything to play. Thanks!

the last promise



Full Games

the last promise is a FE7 hack, not an FE8 hack like the OP is asking for

4 Kings and Vision Quest are both good, complete romhacks to play.


I enjoyed both of these hacks, especially the Green patch. Both are full complete hacks.

Thanks! Would you like to recommend a ROM you played yourself and liked?

Thank you! I’ll play them!

I’ve pretty much only tried incomplete hacks so far, such that I can provide feedback to the creator while they’re still working on it. It seems that you aren’t looking for in progress hacks, so I have no recommendations to add, sorry!

Gotcha. Thank you for the link anyway, I appreciate it!