Going From Chapter 1 to Chapter 2

Help I am a new hacker working on a small project for me and some friends! We are using FE8 as a base engine because we wanted to use a world map. We are running into problems moving the game from chapter 1 to Chapter 2. Every time we save after the completion of Chapter 1 it takes us back to the prologue chapter. I’ve attached some screenshots of the windows we are using but we cant seem to find the issue! Any help would be super appreciated! :slight_smile:

Take a look at this:


Please attach the .ups or .report7z so we can take a proper look at it and possibly fix your issue for you. It’s much easier to troubleshoot when we can actually test it ourselves

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Hi! I would be happy to! But Im not entirely sure how!

omg this seems exactly like what I needed! Thank you

You’ve already been sent the World Map guide I wrote, but here’s another thing:
In the base game, after Chapter 1 ends and you get to save, the save will say “Prologue”. This is because the next chapter is Castle Frelia, which isn’t even a chapter since you can’t play it. Normally, the game would display “Chapter 2”, but Chapter 2 happens after the cutscene at Castle Frelia. “Castle Frelia” is viewable in the Chapter List in the main menu, and you can see it has its own events and even a map, albeit an empty one. I recommend keeping Castle Frelia intact (but changing its name, and its events, of course)
Edit: I’ve added a section regarding this to my guide with some corrected info, please refer to that

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File -> Save as UPS patch

Or for report7z (which includes more info):


Hi! So I have the UPS patch but im not sure how to attach it on this forum?

Thanks this make a lot of sense and is definitely the issue! I’ve already messed around with the game so much tho I guess I need to start figuring out how to rebuild the castle Frelia cutscene!

dropbox / googledrive

oh duh! sorry I just wasnt sure if there was a way to upload it directly! I think this should work! I tried correcting it by making a castle Frelia in my game (renamed to leasing office) but even with that event it is still saving as prologue. So any help on how to move it to chapter 2 instead would be super appreciated! :smiley:

you need to provide access

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omg Im such a dork. On the bright side tho I fixed the issue! What was wrong was I had chapter 1 going to chapter 2 in the end events which was breaking it. By setting it to ch 38 Frelia castle it fixed itself and saved after the cutscene like another person suggested! Thanks for helping me try to upload it though Im sure itll be quicker next time if I have an issue! :smiley: