Glovner's sterling sprite topic

Alright so after a month of being on here I final decided to make a topic to post my sprites(other than the repo).

First is Fe4/Fe5
Blume Holyn Armored (Sterling Glovner) Hawk Fajlar Portrait Editor Fire emblem Journey Home.emulator.emulator.emulator.emulator.gba_37@25 Galahad_8ACFD0 Holyn unarmor Ishtor Kurth Nga Kurth Lex Liza v Munnir Shannam Shiva Gba Tordo Trude Weismann
Hadsome_Ephriam (1) Eirika Seth redone
Kaga Saga
Faramir Krisheenu
Fe Fates
And finally my Oc
Huge fe8 Huge_fe8 Huge Geese mercenary Portrait Editor Fire emblem Journey Home.emulator.gba_2@02 Galahad_8ACBFC


awesome topic

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Sick! Glad to see your stuff finally on full display!

I think this guy is my favorite OC.

And this is my favorite grill

Hey Sterling, this portrait you made is F2U?
The portrait: FE-Repo/Halvan {Sterling Glovner}.png at main · Klokinator/FE-Repo · GitHub @Sterling_Glovner