FE Asset Repository Discussion Thread

It is managed by git, so once downloaded, simply type the command “git pull” to update to the latest version.
However, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. have a PC
  2. have an environment where you can run git commands
  3. have the knowledge to execute git commands on the command line

With windows, once the search index is created, you will be able to search.
Immediately after downloading, the index has not been created, so you have to wait a while.
Since there are a large number of files, I think it will take a few hours.
If it’s a battle animation, it’s useful to search for *.gif to catalog it.


Awesome. Thanks for the info. I downloaded it a few weeks ago. So i was mainly curious about kreeping it updated. Makes sense!

I think it would be useful to create a batch file like the following and place it outside the FE-Repo directory.
If you put it inside the FE-Repo directory, it will conflict with git management, so you may want to place it in a directory one level above or similar.
This is after You have verified that the manual git pull works well, though.


cd C:\foo\bar\FE-Repo
git pull
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I know Bleu when I see Deis.

Looks pretty amazing though for how it was made. Very nice implementation of a new animation. Now I’m stuck on my BoF memories.

Oops I keep forgetting what thread to talk in.

Time for modern day FE :eyes:

@Congrio randomly saw this post

The answer would be yes it seems.


Re the new AI Art Policy:

My statement is pretty simple. I love AI art and I look forward to it. Right now, the repo is entirely, completely, and ONLY for sprites. So AI artwork literally won’t matter for the Repo as we don’t have an ‘artwork’ section. We do have a few fullbody sprites of various characters, but AI artwork is still ages away from any sort of precision required for making sprites.

In the event that AI-generated spritework becomes available, and I do think we are a WAYS away from that, I will allow it into the Repo on a case-by-case basis. If people are just going to vomit out a bunch of basic-looking sprites instead of taking AI spritework to a more serious level with careful promptcrafting and whatnot, then those sprites won’t be eligible for the repo. But if somehow AI spritework reaches parity with human spritework like AI artwork is presently rushing toward for normal artwork…

Then great!

I look forward to the AI art revolution and our future AI waifu overlords.

Q: But Klok. You’re a writer. What if a robot learns to writes better than you? Would you like it if you were replaced? That’s what artists are going through!
A: Wait you’re saying a robot could write stories of the quality and caliber that I currently write? I could read sweeping and excellent works generated in minutes or seconds? I could use AI writing to supplement or even replace my own efforts?


AI artwork, and the coming AI revolution itself, is an opportunity. Some of you will miss that boat and will fall behind while crying that you were replaced. For the more observant people, it’s a chance to take their already excellent skills and drive them into the AI to out-produce works normies can’t make.

Q: But I like making art because it’s a creative process. Won’t AI artwork rob me of that process?
A: No. You can still make artwork. In fact, I believe in five years time that while AI artwork will definitely be absolutely dominant, it won’t be able to fully replace hand-crafted, hand-painted, unique expressions of human artistic creativity.

TL:DR, git gud.


What I find interesting is that the AI generated is more or less cut and pasting with certain pieces and taking colors based on certain art styles(There is more complication i know, but i didn’t really look that deep into it to be honest). Looking at it, it reminds me quite a bit of spriting (non-scratch ones anyway). I was actually interested in if the AI itself can be used for spriting purposes when I first heard about how it works.

…oh, now I get it.

Arms up. Arms behind back. :rofl:

Kidding aside, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one interested in how this wildly advancing technology will change many aspects of creative hobbies and careers. Thumbs up, @Klokinator

AI is quite interesting.
However, as it is, it’s trained on the works of artists who did not consent, and is not advanced enough to really permutate away from it, even if it could do pixel art.
This makes a whole clustercuck of rights issues. So I would suggest to anyone excited about AI art: Keep an eye on it, but don’t jump in right away.

Personally I think it’s a great tool of study/thought exercise, and most of the “lazy” guys are just making things to, um… satisfy their needs. For the most part, anyone with a good enough eye to finetune seeds and prompts well appreciates art enough they won’t spit in the face of artists. That’s why only the scumbag skiddies have gotten exposure so far. :confused:


Wait til you see what I’m working on

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For Portrait, it is difficult because you have to 16 colors,
but for backgrounds, you can use AI-created backgrounds in games with a little ingenuity.
This is because BG has 8 palettes available.
I use FEBuilderGBA 6 palettes for color reduction, and the remaining 2 palettes are used to manually process the areas of concern individually.

However, if the image has gradients, the difficulty level increases.

BG made by Novel AI


BG made by Novel AI 2

BG made by Novel AI 3 (1k+)


BGM made by AIVA


Next up, AI makes battle animations? :wink:

There is already research on it. Read this paper if interested.


Now this is what I’m talking about! Using the AI to make BG is the first thing that was in my mind and what I hoped people would use for since the complication of high detailed backgrounds tend to be near impossible for most people. I mean, of course it probably take effort for the person generating too but still it will def cut down on the really annoying and awful parts of having to do backgrounds. They look real good.

I hope the AI software will be used more for things like this.

Come to think of it, there aren’t that many custom backgrounds that see much use. Vanilla has a lot of settings that are in the average fe game covered. Some variations in interiors and weather variants would be cool though, same with having locations that are more inspired by real life areas rather than being vaguely tied to a biome or Generic European Castle. The rules for backgrounds are just 16 colors unless you wanna mess with TSA, right?