GBA Battle Animations Needed!

Hello people, I have a friend who is making FE8R and he needs some custom animations for a few classes(the one’s in the repo just don’t fit). Here are the specific classes he needs as of know (will update when more are needed):

Griffon Lord → Want the animation similar to the Arbalest on the repo just with a sword and axe animation

Lizardzerker → An animation similar to the juggernaut in the repo would be nice :slight_smile:

Holy Knight

Nomad Trooper → Just want a different battle animation (make sure to keep the tribal aspect the same tho)

Since I’m new to hiring there is no fixed payment yet. If your interested please dm me and put how much you wanna be payed.

Even one of these animations can help a lot so thank you!!!

DM me on discord → samsungs22 :stuck_out_tongue:

As of now we have found someone

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don’t expect serious responses


Hahaha very funny (that was supposed to sarcasm lol)

I know that already but it’s still worth a try


People hardly work for free - and even less when it’s something as laborious as animations themselves, considering the multitude of frames and weapon variance (and I’ll just say that telling someone that all they get from working from you is “experience” is highly likely the worst thing that can be offered. Most likely people doing this have the skills already.)

Your best call is, if commissioning them is out of the question, finding which artists made such assets or similar (but didn’t put them on the Repo) and ask for their permission.


Thanks for the advice I’ll keep that in mind!

I’m a bit new to romhacking stuff so I didn’t know (even though I probbaly should). Lemme see if I can get some money to hire them instead of asking for charity XD

Hello! I might be able to help you a little bit. I have access to many resources and I have experience with GBA-style animations. Are you on the FEU Discord? I will DM you.

(Don’t let anyone discourage you. Making a video game is a dream-come-true for many video game fans, they just don’t have the resources to make it happen, or the money for professionals. Some of us understand that.)


Oh thank you very much!

Yes I am on the feu discord

can I have your discord? or you can just dm me from the discord above

I DMed you.

then don’t if you can’t afford the resources; they literally already disregarded the free assets available


Just becuase some of those animations don’t fit our needs doesn’t mean we are disregarding them

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Either way there isn’t a point to arguing anymore. Truce?

Not so much an argument as it is an impasse. Beggars can’t be choosers; if there’s not an already-made animation that suits your needs, than your options are to make it yourself, pay someone else to do so (in real currency, not exposure), suck it up and go without battle animations for that unit, or compromise your vision to fit the free-to-use resources.

Either way, asking people to do the laborious work of creating battle animations for free isn’t going to result in anything or give people a good impression of you or your hack.


well he actually just volunteered, he wasn’t really pressured or anything, plus we are still offering to pay him just he doesn’t seem intrested in payment. Hopefully that clears up things :slight_smile:

I do see your point tho

I don’t know why this topic got the types of responses that it did. Aren’t we all on this website for the same reasons? We are either fans or content creators. I don’t understand why the first instinct isn’t to offer help or at least encouragement. I see myself in every member here, a child that wanted to create an SRPG that was as good as FE7 and FE8.

With that being said, if anyone else reading this topic would like assistance with portraits, sprite animations, sprite sheets, tilesets or any other graphics, you are more than welcome to send me a DM here or on Discord. That’s what this topic was about, asking for help.


because his message was literally “do an extensive amount of work for me, please, and don’t even think about getting paid lol” and that is incredibly disrespectful to most artists.

we are (mostly) adults here, we don’t need to coddle people and hold their hand when they condescendingly ask us to work for free. it’s one thing to ask for help with your own work, and another thing to offer your work for free on your own accord, entirely something else to ask someone to do work for you and saying you’ll pay them in exposure. it’s insulting, it’s crass, it’s tactless, it’s exploitative, and your sanctimonious tugging at our heart strings as a call for us to help this dude is only enabling this crap. asking for several animations, for free, even preemptively saying “don’t ask for money” and “you’ll be paid by the satisfaction of a job well done!” is assholish.

it’s especially insulting that when called out, he gave a sarcastic response and the fact that there are already free resources available, he just wants ones made especially for him