Gay Baby Emblem | Shoutouts to SimpleFlips


This is probably exactly what you think it is.

Patch to FE8U ROM.

I’ll put the FEFE VoD here once it goes up on YouTube.

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wheremstved are the screenshots???


If I download this, do I get put behind the bars?


Only one way to find out.


not a long hack so not a lot I can put there without spoiling how to get past certain scenarios, did as much as I could without spoiling


Thus, my biggest nut ever happened.


After spending many minutes getting killed by futanari pegasus riders…

After 83 turns of hell.

I did it.

BTW, here’s Simpleflips’ stats. He did like 4x2 to that scuttlebug bastard.

I’m not kidding. Sme, explain


Finally. A hack to rival GhebFE.


What happened to Mangs? Did you put Peri in his mutton?


I don’t get it.

I think, even if you explained it to me, I still wouldn’t get it.


I watch mangs. One of his penalties before he cancelled Correlations (Fates: Revelations but with corrins only) was to make a Peri Spotlight


I…don’t know actually


Understandable, have a nice bup.
I’m going to play this any I am going to enjoy it as much as I can.




I’ll be disappointed if there’s no “1, 2 oatmeal” somewhere in the game.