Gay Baby Emblem | Shoutouts to SimpleFlips

This is probably exactly what you think it is.



Patch to FE8U ROM.

I’ll put the FEFE VoD here once it goes up on YouTube.


wheremstved are the screenshots???


If I download this, do I get put behind the bars?

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Only one way to find out.


not a long hack so not a lot I can put there without spoiling how to get past certain scenarios, did as much as I could without spoiling

After spending many minutes getting killed by futanari pegasus riders…

After 83 turns of hell.

I did it.

BTW, here’s Simpleflips’ stats. He did like 4x2 to that scuttlebug bastard.

I’m not kidding. Sme, explain

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Finally. A hack to rival GhebFE.


What happened to Mangs? Did you put Peri in his mutton?

I don’t get it.

I think, even if you explained it to me, I still wouldn’t get it.

I watch mangs. One of his penalties before he cancelled Correlations (Fates: Revelations but with corrins only) was to make a Peri Spotlight

I…don’t know actually

Understandable, have a nice bup.
I’m going to play this any I am going to enjoy it as much as I can.

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I’ll be disappointed if there’s no “1, 2 oatmeal” somewhere in the game.

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