Gauging Support for a Tutorial Series


Whether I do this or not depends on how much interest there would be out there for something like this, so here I ask for your interest level…

Snek Makes a Chapter in Buildfiles
and More?

To elaborate, I would record myself working with buildfiles, making a real LoA chapter in the process. This could be just recorded and uploaded to Youtube or streamed and uploaded.

I could cover everything necessary for a new chapter and more important stuff:

  • Working with CSVs (focus on the more common ones)
  • Text insertion (maybe or maybe not formatting)
  • Map insertion (maybe or maybe not creation)
  • Essential graphics insertion (portraits, palettes, maybe more)
  • And of course FE8 eventing!
    ** The FE8 event format: Event IDs, memory slots, the event counters, the queue, the event pointer table, and essential codes such as ENDA and memory slot manipulation
    ** Location, turn, misc, traps, character events
    ** Loading units and managing your party
    ** Conversations with the different forms they can take: includes working with backgrounds, no backgrounds, chaining backgrounds and text, TEXTCONT, TEXTSHOW2, proper fading
    ** Other useful miscellaneous codes/macros: cursor flash, camera, ASMC, scripted battles, etc
    ** Other things loseley tied to events such as death quotes, battle quotes, etc
    ** Conditionals (I may put memory slot manipulation in here)

In addition, supplemental videos could be made (to not make one mega massive video covering everything and to help me practice :smirk:):

  • The buildfile format covering all EA codes, MAKEHACK, file management, etc (This would be necessary as a supplemental video: Watch this one before watching me make a chapter)
  • Text formatting: Probably not too extensive, but I’d cover what you’d need to know. The format, loading, moving, and clearing faces, event interrupts, line break and arrow techniques, and especially the textprocess format and how to use it (might be covered in chapter creation main video)
  • Mapping? I’m unsure if I should even cover this or presuppose that you know how to make a map and just pick up at insertion. This is an awfully niched thing, and I know other videos already exist about design, but I could focus on aesthetic? (Relatively low priority this one)
  • ASM no seriously maybe managing installed engine hacks and an overview of how the Skill System works. jumpToHack, basic concepts of assembly, callHack, (lyn?). Probably would avoid actually compiling ASM and ofc writing it and whatnot, but this could serve to show what’s in an installer and how to make sense of it
  • Music insertion? Likely the same deal as maps with presupposing that you have a working .s file. Unsure whether I would do this since it’s so niched (Also low priority)
  • Other graphics: battle animations, map sprites, etc
  • I’m open to suggestions! Lemme know if there’s any interest for something else or if I forgot something

These videos/streams/whatever would be pretty casual: No script, just a clumsy hacker working in buildfiles naturally and talking through what he’s doing in hopes to make a friendly step-by-step guide on how to handle buildfiles effectively. Casual means no pressure, no elitism; I just want to help people understand how these work. I’ll certainly make errors along the way, and that’s the beauty of it. Watch Snek screwing up and fixing errors!

Should I record some and stream the big one? Just record all? Stream all? If I stream, there could be a set time and date, and people could ask questions in Twitch chat in real time, which would be neat. Though again, how much interest is there? Let me know what you think.

I don’t want to step on any toes or do anything wrong here, let me know of any concerns or if I forgot anything. If I do this, I want to do it right. If there isn’t much interest, I won’t do it, but if you would like to see this happen, please let me know!

Can FEBuilder and Buildfiles be used on the same project?

This is basically how I did the Event Bootcamp way back in the day, and it seemed to work out well.

Looking forward to it! This would be great to help people to get into the buildfile method.


Please yes I would love to see this


Couldn’t hurt. Casualness helps with actually going through with it too.


Do you intend on doing this soon? My new music installer that allows customization of instrument tables as well as installing songs is almost ready to go and I’d love to slip it into this video (series?) if possible. The only thing I have left to do is make it so samples can be assembled directly from the .wav files instead of the user needing to convert them to raw data first, but I can always just throw some pre-prepared samples from FE12 or whatever at you for the sake of demonstration.


I’d be open to coordinating that with you yeah. This would probably be a post-FEE3 thing because I’d like to focus on LoA up until then. Plus, doing these at the same time as or around FEE3 would be a lot.


Event Bootcamp is what really got me to understand how all this stuff works! I think this is a great idea.


A good up to date thing about events would be a godsend for new hackers. Events aren’t really that hard once you get into them, but having an explanation and some examples of best practices would be great.

What if you show people how to edit skills in the skill system? Nothing so complicated as ‘make a new skill that requires a new hook’, but show people how easy it is to tweak numbers in skills, or do other small edits. I think something like that could make people more willing to customize skills, since in the vast majority of cases it’s really not hard (but people hear ‘asm’ and run away).


Yeah that’d be good. To elaborate on what covering the Skill System would be would include editing numbers, editing description, editing icons, skill lists, class skills, and also just kinda the organization of it. It looks pretty daunting when you see it without experience, but I hope to clear up what everything does and what one should focus on for making simple edits.

(Also added misc graphics to supplementals like battle animations and map sprites because I completely forgot about those.)


This is a great initiative. Think it’s worth doing if you can swing it.


This is a fantastic idea and I’m wholly in support of it. A lot of people follow videos way more easily than they’d be able to follow a text tutorial.


Seeing someone else do it from scratch is a great way for others to learn and follow along. I think a lot of people are intimidated by buildfiles for various reasons and this would be a great way to make them more accessible.


I for one would be very interested.