Funny Throwbacks

2 years ago i had just started with febuilder and intended to make a 30 chapter hack in 30 days because how hard could it be, amirite?


My dumbass wanted to make a ~27 chapter meme hack and then Arch talked me out of it just by pointing out how ridiculous it sounded.

In 2017 I wanted to move the Wait command to the bottom of FE5’s unit commands.


allow me to prove that the concept is ridiculous

but it can work

Godspeed, buddy o7

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ever tried to make a staff?


Five years ago I planned out a 40 chapter hack with third tiers that I was gonna make in fexna. Fast forwards to today and I’m uhh… doing the exact same thing just with a completely different story XD.

I’m guessing that it sucks?

“I’m going to make a hack in a year and have a bunch of things like custom skills, races and music made specifically for it!”

Now skip to me having a mental breakdown over how eventing works.

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A saint.

For A Builder Boy such as myself, yeah. It’s probably super easy for ASM Men tho

Four (wow, really? 4?) years ago I wanted to make this

Remember my old “r/FE plays Hacks and fangames” thing? I still tell myself i will continue it one day…


Way back in 2015, I was messing around in Nightmare changing FE7’s item stats to match FE4’s. Then I wanted to include FE6 Eclipse in order to simulate Hel. Then I got pointed here.

A year later I wanted to remake FE3 in FE8. That project is officially dead and buried.


I wonder who’s abandoned worked on the most projects


ah back when I was having fun making terrible menu systems