Sacred Overhaul VII

Have you ever played Fire Emblem 7 and thought “Man, this game would be much better with skills.”? We’ve got you covered. From the creators of Fire Emblem Resonance, presenting: Sacred Overhaul VII !

Q: What is this?
A: Fire Emblem 7, but in the FE8 engine. Features all sorts of quality of life hacks, circleseverywhere’s skill system, complete rebalance and more.

Q: When will this be released?
A: Sometime around late April / early May 2018.

Screenshots: SOON

Current Progress:
Lyn mode: Haven’t decided if this will be in yet. Might do a poll and see what the community thinks.

Eliwood/Hector mode: First 3 chapters in. We’re going through and making the events for every chapters first, dialogue will be added afterwards.


Sounds fun porting everything, have a nice two months.



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reply soon

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is the proyect dead

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when lyn dies, the game will not over. A BUG?

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You sonuva b!

For real though I had the same idea just yesterday.

I’m not mad or anything, just like “oh darn it”.

Good luck on it, i’ll try it later.

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Why not do FE6 in FE8?

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I could…worth thinking about.

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Hey, I´ve been recolouring fe6 and fe7 mugs to fe8 style for quite some time. I have most of fe6 covered but unfortunately fe7 has less amount. I´ve been planning to released them free to use but I never get around to finish them. Would you be interested in them?

Here´s a couple,

I only worked on blink and mouth frames for fe6 but if you need them I can start with fe7.

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These look really good, but a simple recolor isn’t enough to port an fe7 mug to fe8. We’re going to remake most of the mugs. (See: Rebecca in Mugging Blitz 2)

I will contact you if those mugs are needed, though.

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That´s ok, when I started doing the recolours I figured I´ll do them unedited just in case although I know fe8 shades different (I like this better tbh), mainly right cheeks.

I´ll probably do the “cheek version” once I finish.


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this looks like a fun project. Will defiantly be keeping an eye out for this

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So this allows skills in FE7, by putting the FE8 battle engine in FE7?

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No. This is a remake of FE7, in the FE8 rom. I have to port everything manually.


I have all of the FE7 mugs already redone in FE8 colors. I can drop box them when I get home if you’d like


God bless, that would be amazing, thanks

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Yeah, would be very helpful. Thanks.

Mind if I add them to the community repo? They aren’t the biggest thing ever but it’d be great to have them!

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