Fractured Realms

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Renee is timeless~


I know it’s been a while since I last posted here, I guess you can infer what that means…

I was lazy and couldn’t think of what to do so I did schoolwork for once instead.

Anyway, the real update is that instead of following my original plan, I’ve decided to take it into a different direction and release separate patches for parts 1 and 2. Since I’m doing that, I’ll expand on part 1 more and I guess I can call them “Books 1 and 2” because of that factor. Because of that, some aspects of part 1 will be changed, so be prepared for… that.

…Uh bye then.

…leave already

right if there are any other comments/suggestions for part 1, go ahead
and leave them; I might end up going with any ideas I get(for example, I
was suggested into making ch2 shorter).



so like who saw this coming

tbh not me actually

since my laptop decided to take an unexpected turn last week(it was last week right? whatever day thanksgiving in the US was), I actually lost literally everything on it that wasn’t in my dropbox and have been pretty unsuccessful in retrieving it. What exactly happened? The thing basically snapped in half when I tried to open it…

So yeah. With nothing to pull from it’s sort of implied that we’re done here, I’ve failed you all. Leaving rom hacking behind for FEXNA.

If I do manage to get my old stuff back, I might end up doing stuff again regarding it but… don’t get too excited about that.


Can’t even recover the hard drive O.o.

Also, let this (and not to mention Ryru’s tale) be a lesson to all of us: Do. Everything. On Dropbox.



Sorry to hear that, Eric. Here’s to hoping something goes your way soon.


That’s terrible to hear…and you’re down a laptop too.


nah I’m down $400


That ain’t a small amount of cash.

Sorry to hear that, Eric. I really enjoyed the shit out of your writing.


I have a few requests for all of you; as you know I no longer have many of my files, mainly my palette files(if you know me, you know how important that is to me)
so, if people who still had older releases(i’m talking old, like if you remember dunner old), I’d love for their assistance in posting screenshots
needs: --> here (I’ll update that .txt file as I get the screens I need/find out I need more stuff; so check that first)


[6:08:23 PM] Cowboy Skitty: KON
[6:08:30 PM] Cowboy Skitty: YOU DA REAL REAL MVP
[6:08:53 PM] Cowboy Skitty: how do you have this

aka only need brozor if any atm(probz not though)


I suppose I should give some kind of status report
that should suffice


holyshitholyshitholyshit. . . .

kitty this is great.


I assume that’s on XNA(beta)? Or is it on XP?


xna beta as xp didnt have the border and grid (atleast i think so)


never fexp

XNA 4 lyfe


I’m jelly.

Glad to see you’re back in the game, so to speak.

school is a thing
go on and figure that out I guess

might as well start doing stuff again


Are enemy map sprites reversed?


yeah yeti did that a while ago; it’s jarring at first but you get used to it