Forum Emblem?

Okay, I’ll explain what the title means.

So I was browsing some forums online, and one of them had this pretty cool idea: an FE game played like a tabletop game on the forums. A world would be created by a GM, and players could create a character that would act as a unit. So kind of like a PME, except that it isn’t a rom hack but a series of posts. Sorry if this explanation is hard to understand.

Basically it’s DnD but as a turn-based strategy game based on FE instead of a turn-based roleplaying game. Of course some things will be changed from FE.

I thought it was a cool concept. I’m not sure if I’ll actually go through with this, but I wanted to post something to maybe gather interest in this idea. What does everyone else think?

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Isn’t that just Fire Emblem Online/FEO?

I’ll link that thread here so you can see what I’m talking about - Fire Emblem Online - A Sheets-based FE TTRPG

I hope I’m not coming across as mean :pray: I just wanted to point you to something that could be of interest related to this topic; if FEO doesn’t fit what you’re describing, then I’m not sure what that would look like, but I’m sure other members can enlighten the both of us in this thread :heart:


Roleplaying forums aren’t that common anymore, but SF has a roleplay section and I’m sure there are some small FE roleplay forum communities somewhere. This is not that.

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You’re right. My idea did sound something like that, but it would have been a bit simpler. Though FEO does sound better haha

Hi! FEO maker here! While obviously I’d think FEO would suit your purposes better, I do know that on the Bay12 forums they’ve played an FETTRPG of their own making for a good while, but then again there’s like, everything and then some on the Bay12 forums.

People are right that Forum RP is a lot less common nowadays, although there are several sites where it still happens.

In the field of TTRPGs there are several FE adaptations, both to new systems and to D&D 5e.