Fire Emblem Online - A Sheets-based FE TTRPG

Fire Emblem Online (A.K.A FEO) is a project I and others have been working on for the past two years, and is exactly what it says on the tin: An adaptation of Fire Emblem to a TTRPG format, primarily hosted over Google Sheets. Rather than a D&D 5E conversion, FEO is very largely dedicated to playing like Fire Emblem would, albeit with new content and the like. Those familiar with the system made by Vensris will be especially comfortable as we are fundamentally built off of his system, as this project started as an “update” to it.

FEO’s features include:

  • 23 base class lines, with 3rd Tier Promotions and 3-way split promotions. Aswell as Trainees and Special Classes, those being Ballistician, Freelancer, Summoner and Villager. In addition to these, there are also Manaketes, Laguz, Monsters, and a unique interpretation of Taguel.
  • Content from every single Fire Emblem game to date, Kaga Saga included, aswell as plenty of content from other media or completely original concepts.
  • Optional modules such as Holy Blood or Capturing, and other optional content such as new weapon types, new classes and D&D-style Races.

If any of this catches your interest, I implore you to check out the Drive repo with all of the documents pertaining to FEO, or to join our Discord and ask me or others about the system. And of course, I’ll be doing my best to answer questions posed here aswell.

Due to an unknown inability for me to change my old account’s username to a name I’m more comfortable with, I made a new account and can’t actually post links, so just add these to a Google Drive and Discord link, respectively

Drive: folders/1WmGW90j-WHMACOCWbPESQotjd5B-06gQ
Discord: mCaBXan


As something of a preview: Here’s a quick summary of every class and it’s promotion paths.


Proficiencies: Bow
Qualities: None/Infantry
Promotes To: Ranger, Sniper, Crossbowyer.

Ranger promotes to Warden, Sniper promotes to Marksman, Crossbowyer promotes to Arbalester.


Proficiencies: Two of the following: Brawl, Knife, Sword, Wind, Light
Qualities: None/Infantry
Starting Skill: Perform
Promotes To: Skald, Minstrel, Chanteuse

Skald promotes to Battle Herald, Minstrel promotes to Balladeer, Chanteuse promotes to Diva.

Bow Knight

Proficiencies: Bow
Qualities: Mounted
Promotes To: Horseman, Chasseur, Trooper

Horseman promotes to Silver Knight, Chasseur promotes to Sharpshooter, Trooper promotes to Oliphantier.


Proficiencies: Brawl
Qualities: None/Infantry
Starting Skill: Unarmed Combat
Promotes To: Grappler, Gladiator, Juggernaut

Grappler promotes to Pugilist, Gladiator promotes to War Master, Juggernaut promotes to Praetorian


Proficiencies: Axe
Qualities: None/Infantry
Starting Skill: Mountaineer/Sailor
Promotes To: Berserker, Bandit/Buccaneer, Shaman.

Berserker promotes to Marauder, Bandit/Buccaneer promotes to Barbarian/Corsair, Shaman promotes to Druid.


Proficiencies: Sword or Lance or Axe
Qualities: Mounted
Promotes To: Paladin, Vanguard, Wyrmknight

Paladin promotes to Exemplar, Vanguard promotes to Warlord, Wyrmknight promotes to Wyrmlord.


Proficiencies: Staff and Light
Qualities: None/Infantry
Promotes To: Bishop, Paragon, Drifter

Bishop promotes to Saint, Paragon promotes to Inquisitor, Drifter promotes to Leofwin.

Dark Mage

Proficiencies: Dark
Qualities: None/Infantry
Promotes To: Necromancer, Warlock, Dark Knight

Necromancer promotes to Deathlord, Warlock promotes to Sorcerer, Dark Knight promotes to Abyss Knight.


Proficiencies: Axe
Qualities: None/Infantry
Promotes To: Guardian, Warrior, Duelist

Guardian promotes to Shepherd, Warrior promotes to Reaver, Duelist promotes to Swashbuckler.

Free Knight

Proficiencies: Sword and Bow
Qualities: Mounted
Promotes To: Uhlan, Jaeger, Highlander

Uhlan promotes to Bogatyr, Jaeger promotes to Commando, Highlander promotes to Slayer.


Proficiencies: Knife
Qualities: Mounted
Starting Skill: Forager
Promotes To: Ruffian, Grassrunner, Nomad

Ruffian promotes to Highwayman, Grassrunner promotes to Mosstrooper, Nomad promotes to Mamluke.


Proficiencies: Sword or Lance or Axe or Bow
Qualities: Armored
Promotes To: General, Great Knight, Hoplite

General promotes to Marshall, Great Knight promotes to Cerberus, Hoplite promotes to Magister.


Proficiencies: Any one weapon type, other than Staff.
Qualities: None/Infantry
Starting Skill: Chooses between Authority, Lineage or Pomp & Circumstance
Promotes To: Great Lord, Lord Knight, Mage Lord, Armor Lord, two variants of Flier Lord.

Great Lord promotes to Lodestar, Lord Knight promotes to Conqueror, Mage Lord promotes to Archmage, Armor Lord promotes to Emperor, Flier Lord promotes to Skylord.


Proficiencies: Two types of non-Dark magic.
Qualities: None/Infantry
Promotes To: Mage Knight, Sage, Mage Fighter.

Mage Knight promotes to Arcane General, Sage promotes to Archsage, Mage Fighter promotes to Warmage.


Proficiencies: Light
Qualities: None/Infantry
Promotes To: War Monk, Diviner, Sohei

War Monk promotes to Arbiter, Diviner promotes to Guru, Sohei promotes to Basara.


Proficiencies: Sword
Qualities: None/Infantry
Promotes To: Hero, Watcher, Dread Fighter.

Hero promotes to Champion, Watcher promotes to Sentinel, Dread Fighter promotes to Yasha.


Proficiencies: Sword
Qualities: None/Infantry
Starting Skill: Critical +5
Promotes To: Soulblade, Swordmaster, Man-at-Arms

Soulblade promotes to Soulmaster, Swordmaster promotes to Trueblade, Man-at-Arms promotes to Master of Arms.

Pegasus Knight

Proficiencies: Sword or Lance
Qualities: Flying, Mounted
Promotes To: Falcoknight, Angel, Dark Flier.

Falcoknight promotes to Skyknight, Angel promotes to Seraph, Dark Flier promotes to Harrier.


Proficiencies: Lance
Qualities: None/Infantry
Promotes To: Officer, Halberdier, Gold Knight.

Officer promotes to Commander, Halberdier promotes to Spearlord, Gold Knight promotes to Royal Knight.


Proficiencies: Two of the following: Sword, Knife, any types of magic.
Qualities: None/Infantry
Starting Skill: Stratagem
Promotes To: Strategist, Sergeant, Schemer

Strategist promotes to Grandmaster, Sergeant promotes to Commissar, Schemer promotes to Mastermind.


Proficiencies: Knife or Sword
Qualities: None/Infantry
Starting Skill: Pick
Promotes To: Assassin, Rogue, Adventurer

Assassin promotes to Whisper, Rogue promotes to Shadow, Adventurer promotes to Trickster.


Proficiencies: Sword and Staff
Qualities: Mounted
Promotes To: Protector, Holy Knight, Defender

Protector to Valkyrie, Holy Knight promotes to Crusader, Defender promotes to Skogul.

Wyvern Knight

Proficiencies: Lance or Axe
Qualities: Flying, Dragon
Promotes To: Dracoknight, Wyvern Lord, Windrider

Dracoknight promotes to Dracomaster, Wyvern Lord promotes to Sovereign, Windrider promotes to Barbarossa.

Obviously I’ve cut alot for the sake of brevity, mainly stat lines, proficiencies gained on promotion, skills, etcetera. If you have questions about anything, leave a comment or contact me on Discord.

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Do you have any kind of Player’s Handbook with a reference of the system used?

The Drive link has all of our documents, and the Rules should cover pretty much all of the fundamentals. An actual “Player’s Handbook” style PDF is being worked on by someone in the server but otherwise it’s just the Google Sheets stuff for now.

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actively going insane as i cannot embed the logo or post the actual links :woozy_face: