Fire Emblem Zetsubo (DEMO)[1st Arc - 8 Chapters total]

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(DEMO Playtest)
Fire Emblem Zetsubo / Fire Emblem Despair:

Non-Rom Hack FE Fangame, Made in RPG Maker MV with SRPG Plugins and a slightly different gameplay mechanics.

Stein and Ara was in a relationship together until Ara shows what she we’re truly hiding from him that she’s shrouded from the Abyss. She traversed and embraced into the Abyss leaving Stein full of regret and stress. Stein and his Guild Mates embarks on a dangerous journey to save Ara from eternal darkness and loneliness by entering the deepest part of the world. However, once they go deep enough they cannot trace back from the beginning.

Stein, 16 yr Swordsman

After he lost Ara he became more serious, unhappy and battle focused. He sometimes tends to be alone sheathing his blade and don’t want to chat with others.

Richter, 17 yr Cavalier

Stein’s freind. He always watches for him especially in a dangerous scenarios.

Artemis, 15 yr Nun

Not so intelligent girl. Timid. A healer

Rina, 17 yr Mage

Artemis’s friend. Always engaged on interesting things like magic, monsters, etc. a.k.a. Fantasy Nerd. Tomboyish

Ara, 17 yr Swordmaster

Stein’s girlfriend.

Darryl, 23 yr Knight of Will

A strong knight from West who is shrouded from the Abyss.

The Newborn
Main Antagonist.


  • Battle Arts (BETA)
  • New attack types Stygian and Grace
  • Mana energy system
  • Bonfire system
  • Unbreakable weapons
  • 25 Chapters, 6 Arcs (8/25 chapters, 1/6 arcs)
  • friend or couple buff system (BETA)

Development Progress:
Story: 10%
Levels: 25%
Data: 10%
Mechanics: 50%

[Arc 1]
Chapter 1 (Complete)
Chapter 1.2 (Complete)
Chapter 2 (Complete)
Chapter 3 (Complete)
Chapter 4 (Balancing)
Chapter 5 (Fixing bugs)
Chapter 5.2 (Balancing)
Chapter 6 (Balancing)
[Arc 2]
[Arc 3]
Not yet
[Arc 4]
Not yet
[Arc 5]
Not yet
[Final Arc]
Not yet


  • ver. 0.1.0 (DEMO):
    date: 1/8/2021
    DEMO is finally done. Kinda?

Warning: This game is in DEMO version so feel free to post some bugs, softlocks, etc. in the comments.

[fixing and changing some chapters]


It seems that you do not recover from fight to fight. This may be intended, but it means that your mages essentially get a single chapter or two of use before they are meat shields.
The failure condition seems to procc randomly upon character death- not just when Stein dies. Stein can die and sometimes it doesn’t happen at all.
Healers being able to heal themselves is very nice.