Fire emblem vanessa over hector patch V1.1

New hack is coming soon

Crédits by

Priscilla valkyrie RobertFPY
Saint by Melia, Feier and Epicer

Class map
Saint Melia

Spell animations

Exordium Credit: Arch

Fire Emblem Vanessa over Hector patch V1.1
Fire Emblem Vanessa over Hector patch V1.1 (1)

Fire emblem vanessa over Hector patch V1.1.gba


Second post i planned to create this portrait in gba version from my oc vanessa

I thought you were talking about Vanessa from FE8, which would’ve been pretty epic


Good luck and don’t forget it takes time to learn hacking and then it takes time to modify the game. The same goes to adapt a portrait to the FE style. You have some guides for the portrait animations from de FE repository, check it.

Good luck on the project!

Ok gracias


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