Fire Emblem - Unforgotten Heroes : Julius Caesar (V0.1)

Unforgotten Heroes : Julius Caesar
A Fire Emblem 7 romhack I made for a project about Julius Caesar. Even though it is only 5 chapters long for now (prologue + 4 chapters), it covers his early life and his first battles in Gaul. Meet some real and fictional figures from the past and conquer half of the known world as the famous Julius Caesar.

The patch
Ver 0.1
Ver. 0.1.1(difficulty changes and unintended cutscenes fix)

Criticism about gameplay and historical accuracy is appreciated, but other than that, I hope you enjoy. I’ll probably keep on updating this Romhack after each made chapter since I’ve grown pretty attached to it.


Great ~ looking forward to the update+ final release (^o^)/

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This looks cool - best of luck on the project!

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AP Latin, huh?


Ave, true to Caesar

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Forever ago when I first found out about fire emblem hacks like 6 years ago I wanted to see if I could make one on the Gallic wars. Crazy to see I wasnt the only one who thought of that

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Do you want to kill some Gauls?
C’mon, let’s do it!

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“Gee, I sure hope I don’t get stabbed 40+ times.”

-Julius Caesar, circa 52 BC.


Just realized something.

If this hack has maps where the objective is to claim a throne or gate…

would the main character be…

Julius Seizer?


Hi ! I just tried the first chapters of the hack and I must say that I’m impressed with what you already done ! I really like the idea of incorporating painting, and the clothes on the portraits of the Roman characters are really nice
I thinks that the idea of historic romhack is really great and have a lot of potentials, now that I tried yours I want to make one on Cyrus the Great ahah ! Can’t wait to see more of your romhack when it get extended and polished !

Now for some historical nitpicking and ideas to improve the game:

  • Sulla highest position was “Dictator” (a very important, and uncommon, position in the Roman Republic), so it’s a bit immersion breaking to see him being called emperor when you know a bit about the Period. I thinks it would be better to stick to “Dictator”, and even though it didn’t have the same meaning as today, it make it clear for the player that Sulla is not someone to be trusted
  • Also, It’s weird to see the name “Turkey” mentioned in the intro of the first chapter when Caesar join Minucius army in Asia. I guess it’s to help people less familiar with the setting to visualize where it happens, but I thinks it would be better to replace it with “Anatolia” (“Asia” or “Asia Minor” would be more correct, but it would be very misleading for people who don’t know much about this period).
  • Since Crastinus is a centurion of the Xth legion, which was known at this time for being heavily made of cavalry, it would be better to make him a cavalier. To represent the specificity of his legion.
  • Also, for gameplay and immersion, it would give more variety to the Roman roster if Quadratus and/or Vorenus weren’t heavy infantry. Maybe Vorenus could be light infantry and Quadratus of the soldier class. It would give more diversity to Caesar army, and also show that historically these legions where still freshly formed, that they weren’t homogenous group, and many of their soldiers inexperienced.
  • I thinks it would be more historically accurate for Caesar promotion, after getting the civic crown, to be a cavalry one. Most important officers in armies that could afford it where on horse, since they had to be very mobile and needed a bigger vision of the battlefield. And from a gameplay perspective, it would make him more distinguishable from his troops

Best of luck for further updates on your Project !

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wow, that’s a lot of heroes

Thx for the feedback, im currrently in a tight spot right now, but expect some updates in summer 2021.