Fire Emblem: The Tales of London(chapters 16/30)

Hello everyone, I’m darknight 97 and I’m presenting a hypothetical sequel to FE 8. The story starts in Grado, where a mysterious(I hope so) youth who looks similar to Lyon meets Knoll, the royal summoner who was sent by Ephraim to investigate the surrounding area. The plan for this project is to release the hack whenever a story arc concludes. Totally there are four to five story arcs. In the current version, I have finished the introduction arc… feedback and playtesting would be appreciated.

As for the features in the hack


Skillsystems and QoL associated with it
Improved magic system - anima and light magic are effective against certain classes, dark magic has various effects.
Weapon rank bonus: Starting from C rank upto A rank, all weapons get a +1 mt and +5 hit, at S rank you get +10 to critical evade, the total bonus at S rank is +3 mt +15 hit and +10 critical evade.
suspend and resume takes you to the beginning of the current player phase(might remove this later on to prevent bugs).
Massive cast and new characters(roughly 63).
New animations.(Everything’s from the repo)
Improved map palletes(can’t gurantee about maps)
hard mode bonuses for recruitable units who are enemies in lunatic mode
8 autolevels to enemies in lunatic mode, 4 autolevels to enemies in hard mode


Centuari Elenti, for providing the initial script
TAH for doing script corrections, correcting unit description basically being my script editor and playtesting.
The FEUniverse graphics repository for potraits, animations and anything graphic related.
The FEUniverse music repo for some music tracks
7743 for febuilderGBA and his constant and active help.

If patching through a patcher doesn’t work, open the ups file in febuildergba and select a clean fe 8 US rom when it asks which rom you have to patch it to.

Here’s the patch

past patches:

Also I’m honoured to be able to publish this on the first day of FEE3 2022.


prologue choice
prologue opening
adel in jail
candace in jail
ch 2 screenshot
ch 4
FE 8 Tales of London.emulator deni attacking
generic brigand

Link to my discord server:


ok my main question for every hack. WIll there be supports? 63 characters seems like a loooot of supports

I won’t work on supports rn since I need to work on the plot, but it’ĺl be a thing in the future versions for sure


Going to play

It does not work unfortunately

Use febuilder gba to patch it

I decided to play through the first four maps or so of your hack; please do note that I did not remove any of my thoughts, so some of them may be innacurate.

Misc. Thoughts
  • Summoners use their staff animations when attacking with Magic.
  • I can barely read chapter titles, they’re so small and choppy.
  • Just noticed the affinities icons were changed. Neat.
  • Knoll can actually get infinite XP because of the fact that he can summon even when another summon is out.
Chapter details

Chapter 1

  • Why is it one unit?
  • Why does the lord have E rank in both of his weapon ranks?
  • There is NO BGM in the start event
  • Why is the map BGM Truth Despair and Hope; its not fitting at all
  • Paragon and Vantage+…ok
  • My lord can only visit a village on his first turn, there are no enemies in his range.
  • Knoll comes in on turn 2 with the world’s most rushed dialogue. It was on a blink and you’ll miss it level.
  • Why do summons have Duelists and Certain blow?
  • The boss has WAY too much HP and Strength. He has 26 attack and 43 HP which is kind of overkill.
  • The boss doesn’t have the boss marker
  • Why does the boss have Mercy and Spur strength? These are useless on him.
  • The victory music carries into the map’s end event.
  • Why is Knoll calling London “lad” thats kinda out of character for him.
  • Is there a purpose to sparing the chapter one boss?
  • Double space right here:
  • There is no indicator that London gets the Iron Quick Axe for sparing the boss until the start of the next map if you check his inventory

Chapter 2:

  • Why, no genuinely why. Why does this have 11 speed, why does this have two seal skills. WHY does it have Grizzly wound. Why does it have ready stance?This is so obnoxiously powerful, that I can barely deal with it holy crap.

  • All Nate can do his first turn is visit the village and move up. If he attacks any of the enemies in his range, he’ll die on enemy phase.

  • I have nothing to say, this one is just funny.(But it is missing a period)

  • I like Brooke. Death Blow + Charge, yes please. Will probably become a balancing issue later, but rm its fun!


  • THIS is the ISSUE with seal skills in skillsys; they still apply if a unit attacks in physical range, and the unit with the seals survives. NOT if the unit gets hit, JUST if the range is physical. Thanks to this, the affected unit is now useless for the next six turns.

  • Brooke is so slow she gets doubled by revenants.

  • Why are Revenants faster than Bigles. I generally wouldn’t have an issue with this if the revenants weren’t so stacked in literally EVERYTHING.

  • Irving is actually useless; he has 16 AS on player phase, but the zombies have 18 AS on player phase, and the enemies he CAN double deal over ¾ his HP in retaliation.

  • I really like that charge is edited from Vanilla skillsys. Plus 1 damage per 1 tile moved, whilst kinda broken, is also more fun.

  • Please buff Brooke’s base HP by one point. Even without the speed stance going into effect, Brooke gets doubled by the zombies and more than likely ORKO’d

  • This chapter uses a vanilla chapter title, but the first chapter uses a custom one.

  • Just realized Nate is meant to be the cut FE8 character, kinda cool.

  • Why does talking to the NPC’s only give 90 XP. Just make it a full level lol.

  • Why does the Irving Knoll talk exist, it genuinely has no purpose and is just a couple of lines of dialogue.

  • This chapter has the on map objective display and the menu objective display flipped.

  • The Knoll Judge talk is even worse, Knoll doesn’t even appear in it until too late.

  • Jude is uh, kind of bad; he has 5 move sure, but he also is too slow, if he gets into combat with a zombie, he’s dead meat.

  • This:

  • Pinkie has two different sets of skin tones

  • Use “okay” instead of “O.K.”

Chapter 3:

  • I don’t think this description is right.
  • Maybe actually name Mehve in the end event, instead of just saying “The mayor’s daughter”
  • This armory serves no purpose. The player has no money.
  • The village is actually impossible to save. No units will survive the huge cluster of enemies surrounding it, especially Nate, who is your only option for the village.
  • My patience is wearing thin.
  • WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY. This is not ok, he has TWENTY speed on player phase.
  • Still using Vanilla chapter titles

Chapter 4:

  • Why does the start event open up with Together we Ride?
  • Maybe change this guy’s mug. It has a whole swath of issues.
  • Still no preps
  • Ok yeah, definitely change this mug.
  • Lazarus, much like the chapter 1 boss, has no boss marker.
  • I’ve noticed a trend of your bosses having massive stats compared to generics.
  • Why is lightning effective against anima mages when light magic has WTD against Anima magic.
  • The top village in this map is almost impossible to get due to the huge cluster of enemies that are impossible to survive against.

I uh. I decided not to go much further than that given the quality of what I had played. I hope this doesn’t come off as too mean spirited, as I do want to see this hack improve.

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Well for the chapter 3 village you need to make sure Nate flies to the village… you can kinda divert enemies with summons literally for the brigands if you place them near the mountains.

As for zombies having high A.S, I didn’t realize that they had such high A.S. I’ll probably chop it down.

The chapter 1 boss has mercy mainly because of story gameplay integration stuff.

As for the other stuff. I’ll buff/nerf units depending upon the feedback.

As for lightning being effective against magic in general. I intended to make sure it was effective against dark magic at the very least.

I plan to change the vanilla chapter titles later since they’re images and it makes things more complex.

As for bosses having massive stats, I wanted them to be challenging compared to the generic enemies amd high stats and their weapons tend to indicate that.

My music sense seems to be bad. I’ll probably get someone to get some better tracks.
Anyway thanks for giving feedback.

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For once, I thought this was another abandoned project. Hopefully, this project gets complete. It have so much promise.

I have been busy with irl stuff. I’ll be working soon on the hack.

Hello everyone, here’s a new patch of tales of london. It’s done upto chapter 8


done upto chapter 8
added pokemon and chrono trigger music
removed fates exp
you can select multiple difficulties
slightly more polished events
buffed a few units
There are new chapter titles

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Hello everyone, here’s a new patch of tales of london. It’s done upto chapter 11. Feedback would be appreciated.


Done upto chapter 11
London can promote using a master seal, hopefully it doesn’t break the game.
zombies are nerfed even further
Added PoR music starting from around chapter 6
Introducing a new lord Adrianna, the original plan was to make her a bow lord, unfortunately there were no animations with magic and bow animations for a flyer class… so I made her a lance user instead. She can promote using a master seal too.
I think that you can finally patch the rom w/o using febuilder, I fixed something that was breaking the rom header. Thanks for 7743 for pointing this out to me.
Thieves can steal with full inventories.
Have fun ig.


new patch


new title screen
fixed movement of flyers, which should help in chapter 1
corrected some animations
fixed some boss battle quotes
prep shop has stat boosters
suspend and resume takes you to the beginning of a turn


FEE3 video is posted, go and check it out


Here’s a new patch done upto chapter 16:


Hard mode bonuses to enemy recruitable units on lunatic mode(FE 8 hard mode).
8 auto levels on lunatic mode(fe 8 hard mode) and 4 auto levels on hard(FE 8 normal mode).
Music changes roughly on every 4 to 5 chapters.
Sieglinde/Siegmunde use strength and hit on res, they also are unbreakable.