Fire Emblem The Seven Keys

Fire Emblem Seven Keys is a ROM hack of FE8 which chronicles the events on the continent of Gyldeus of an approximate 50 year timespan, 3 centuries after dragons disappeared from the land.

7key Title Screen

Seven Keys takes inspiration from FE4 and FE5 in a few gameplay mechanics. It features 30 main story chapter, 5 gaiden chapters, as well as 78 playable characters (although not all characters are available at the same time).

Some key features are:
-Original Setting, story and cast
-Personal Skills for every character
-Set weapon levels for each character
-An in-game Library with backstory and lore
-A lineage stat which determines usage of Legendary and Special Weapons

Sinclair StatusScreen
Menu Library1
Battle Screenshot 2

Seven Keys seeks to offer players a unique experience with good replayability. As such, some chapters, characters, items, and other events may change based on gameplay decisions that are not explained. Players are encouraged to take risks and experiment as they play through the game.

The game is Fully Playable and recieves somewhat regular updates.
Ver 1.5 is available for download at the following Link:

Let me know if there are any issues.


Nice to see you post this here!

Welcome to the FEU! Nice to see one of the FE ROM hacks make its debut with being Fully Playable. Will play it one day.

Do you have any additional screenshots? I think if you added more than you currently have that this hack would probably garner more interest.

You said "lineage system " does this have parents pairing up and kids?

Its not so much a pairing up parents system but characters have a lineage “stat”, which basically just tells you which special weapons a character can use.
The game does take place across generations but the idea of mixing parents to affect children was scrapped early on in the project. the idea was considered for a later update put currently is not within the project scope.

Nice work! Played the first chapter, like the design, and seeing a well established world is cool. I’m curious to see how the lineage mechanics play, and I like that you turned the guide into a lore function! Cool stuff. 78 characters is an impressive number. I’ll keep playing.

Thats pretty cool. I would have no clue how one would implement that mechanic in a GBA game so I was intrigued but I still will be giving this game a try. It sounds awesome.


Congrats on this very promising project ! (Started earlier and stopped at chapter 5)
As someone who appreciate jugdral gameplay mechanics a lot, im convinced from the start but i believe that most people can enjoy them because they are added in a pretty soft way (plus legendary weapons allowing flexibility)
Story looks great and could be even better with a pristine writing.
I was also not a fan of the green exp bar but im getting used to it.
I think some QoL things could be added, especially adding enemy range and unlocking the sound room from the start.
Thanks for your hard work so far !

Playing through now and im enjoying it. Might pop in a say a few things about chapters as I get to them

For chapter 3 I noticed a couple things

Theres a myrmidon with a goddess icon that cant be stolen since you dont have a thief. Whats the point of that

Once you recruit veronica Elias->Baden convo doesnt work and Veronica?->Baden convo also doesnt work

FInal thing whats the point of 5 slots because realistically the person getting benched is james and theres not reason for him to be benched since hes already under leveled and two other sword users are on the map. I think it would make more sense to have 6 slots so if people want to use james/let him catch up they can. I dont think having one extra unit deployed will change the balance of the map at all

Overall fantastic gameplay wise so far and story is very intriguing. I even Screenshotted the map and using it to cross reference as I play lol


Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you are enjoying it!
The goddess icon is meant to drop when the myrmidon is defeated, I think it just got missed when I moved enemies around in the recent update.
It looks like the convo events didn’t get mapped correctly so that should be easy to fix.

I have a little problem… I changed Lionel to a Warrior, so in Chapter 7 he changed it to Great Knight and it turned out that he uses bow and I’m afraid some of the rest of the characters are going to show up

So I have been playing this hack and have gotten up to Chapter 15. Though I gotta ask one thing: Are the pre-promote horseback units supposed to be very underwhelming? Compared to most of the recruitable unmounted pre-promotes, the horseback ones looks really bad, especially all of the recruitable Rangers. The only useful ones I found so are just one or two Great Knights, and yet Provoke is the only thing that made one of the two any useful.

Btw, I have gotten to Chapter 25 and have encountered a pretty bad problem in regards to the two recruitable characters in Chapter 24. In Chapter 24, I was able to keep both the Axe Fighter and the Priest alive and recruit them. Once I got to Chapter 25, everything seems good, with the exception of the mercenary Isham being missing from the group (though he did say he cannot be in this area, so it was a whatever), and the Axe Fighter and priest were both still in my party. Well, after I did the preparations and started that chapter, I got to see two new NPCs and have an auto recruit of an archer, so I decided to restart that chapter just to see who I didn’t bring along can talk to him (I had Teagan and Payne on the bench with the Axe Fighter and Priest). When I restarted that chapter and tried to put all 4 in my team just to test this out, I found both the Axe Fighter and Priest were both missing from my team, and only Teagan and Payne were in the bench.

Edit: So I loaded the save state just to do this chapter. Apparently, it is the last two people on the bench who goes missing, not just the Axe Fighter or the Priest. The second pegasus knight and the scout are both missing this time.

With regard to prepromoted units in the second part of the game, many of they are designed that way. most units should have at least some use, Such as Clifford’s Trample or Lionel’s provoke, but they are not necessarily meant to be long term units. Depending on Verity’s recruitment method specifically, she may be very underwhelming.

To your other issue, I’ve had a couple people tell me about a similar issue with units disappearing around Ch25/26. It isn’t consistent and I’m not entirely sure what causes it but I am currently looking into it.

I guess. It’s just that compared to the female Paladin in the third group, a good number of pre-promotes in the first group, and the Falco Knight in the same team as Shay’s group (especially this one, since she ended up being far, far better than everyone in her group), the horseback pre-promotes were just a complete letdown. As for Verity, yeah she had…horrid bases with E ranks in both weapons while Lydia had even worse bases than her (though her weapon ranks were okay). And then there was Abram with slightly better bases than Verity (though still really bad), and Alban (while he has that Wind Dragon tome and much better bases than Abram) just didn’t even felt worth using.

As for the issue with the units disappearing. Did you go and check the recruitable unit count? I was also talking about this issue last night with one of the guys at another FE community, and he suspects that it might be the GBA limitation with the recruitable unit count that is causing the bug with units disappearing.

I’ve done some experimenting with unit counts it’s looking like this might be the issue. My initial tests are showing an approximate recruited unit ceiling of around 62 which if you are recruiting every character, puts you at about the ch25 mark. Since a handful of units from earlier parts of the hack don’t return in any form, I should be able to reduce the total recruited unit count without actually reducing the number of recruitable units. I’ll continue testing this theory when I’m able.

Sounds good. Hopefully that will be able to solve the unit disappearing problem.


Will u be adding QOL updates like the hp, danger zone, trade etc??

Version 1.5 (coming soon) will have Danger Zones implemented. Other QOL changes are in the works but might not be included in ver.1.5 due to a few graphical issues.