Fire emblem - The Forgotten Realm - v1.10 (8/38 Chapters) (In progress)

Hello I’d like to introduce the project i’m working.

It’s going to be a project with 38 Chapters : Uniques maps made by myself. custom animations and else…

The Forgotten Realm :

The Forgotten Realm.emulator

I’m kind bad with stories and introduction but let’s go anyway…


100 years ago, “???” fought demons and dragons. One day “???” got touched by a disease that killed “her” due to her lack of strength. “???” got devastated by her death, so he decided to find a solution to make her reborn from the deads. He had to fought and extract a stone from an Ancestral Dragon and sacrifice one of its organs to make the spell works.
The spell did work, but unfortunately, it seems she shown up in a different form and her memory got erased. Due to the high power required for this spell, it created an earth quake that warps out her from their world.
She wakes up in the human world with no memories at all. She’s going to meet people that are going to help her to make her remember what happend…


Screen 1 Screen 6 screen 12 Screen 18 screen 15 Scren 16


A main character is on the line. with some characters that are gonna be present on most of the cutscenes.
Characters Hp limits can reach 70, it’s gonna depend on the class aswell.
A custom animation that you didn’t see anywhere and is gonna unique for the main character unpromoted and promoted(currently in progress).
Battle theme and BGM most of them are from the music repository threads.
I don’t know what else i can say, like i told you i’m bad for writing .

Recruitement Guide

Chapter : 3
Make sure Seifer is Alive if you wanna recruit the characters that are coming.
Chapter 4 : Character recruitable by Nefertiri.
Chapter 4x : Make sure that Seifer is still alive.
Chapter 5 : Character recruitable by Axel.
Chapter 6 : A character is recruitable by Vain. Make sure that this one is alive.
Chapter 8 : Ethan recruitable by Axel.

Support Conversations

Not added atm.




Prologue : Completed
Chapter 1 : Completed
Chapter 2 : Completed
Chapter 3 : Completed
Chapter 4 : Completed
Chapter 4x : Completed
Chapter 5 : Completed
Chapter 6 : Completed
Chapter 7 : Completed
Chapter 8 : Completed
Chapter 9 : In Progress

Every mugs used in this rom are from mugging blitz.
The missing mug actually is the main character portrait which is Eirika btw x)
The portrait is in progress but it’s going to come up soon on the next update.
I work everyday on the project, there may be some mistakes with grammar or else.
I accept criticism only constructives ones.
My knowledge with eventing is not perfect aswell but i tried to make it fun and adventurous.
Btw : Main character (Nefertiri) battle animation and portraits and promoted map sprites is not F2U or F2E. not at all.

Only 8 chapters are playable atm. Currently working on the others atm.

Sorry for my lack of grammar or writing in english, french translation is not actually and some words are a bit confusing x)

Hope you’ll get hype with this opening of this new Project.

A big thanks to @SHYUTERz that helps me with the project.

See you soon,



Link : Patch to a 1997 - Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (U)(TrashMan).gba

Make sure you play in VBA. not another emulator.

Next Release : Coming Soon


Good luck with that! I’ll keep working with you!


Looks promising, here’s hoping you remain steadfast until the end.


good graphic and image ~ good story too but i can not download demo ~ the link broken? But it is okie I can wait until the full game release :>


It should be ok now even if it worked before i re uploaded it.

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Was playing it, wanted to catch as many typos as possible.


I’m losing power each centuries…
-I’m losing power each century…

if i wait any longer. I need her to my side.
-If I wait any longer. I need her by my side.

I call the spirits! Deads!
-I call upon the spirits! Upon the Dead!

To reborn her
-To resurrect her.

I give you one of

my eye to revive her.

-Blank line
-one of my eyes

Whe…re a…m i,
(… feels uncomfortable between letters.)
-Where… am I?

fully successfull

You are not in your true form aswell…
-space between as and well

I had to much to tell you…
-I have so much to tell you…

Where am i?
-Uncapitalised i

it hurts…I
-space between … and I

I must’ve knocked into something…
-I must have bumped into something…

New comers.
-No space.

i’m unarmed.
-capitalized I

There’re must be
-There must be

Nefertiri description:
A Woman
-A woman

I can defend myself now
-Needs full stop after now

i’ve got rid of these deserters
-I’ve gotten rid of these deserters.
Uncapitalised I, needs full stop

I can’t even walk with this hot weather

-I can’t even walk in this hot weather.
-needs full stop

be a bed somewhere
there you go
-both needs full stop, T in there must be capitalized

That’s weird i can’t even remember
-capitalized I

neck, It says Nefertiti
-I in it shouldn’t be capitalized

Well, i have to keep moving.
-capitalized I

I’m sure i will meet
-capitalized I

don’t be too soft this time
-missing full stop

so that’s good new,
-so that’s good news

we didn’t meet someone since couple months
-we haven’t met anyone for a couple of months

How you two met by the way?
-How did you two meet by the way?

which is a Snow country
-which is a snowy country

oh i see,
-capitalized I

how much our snow snowy country is beautiful
-how beautiful our snowy country is

From ‘I’m not sure’ .to ‘my memory got erased…’
4 cases of capitalized I

my armor was killing me so hard…
-my armor has been killing me…

stop complaining you’re such a baby!
-stop complaining, you’re such a baby!

Are you done toyering around?
(I’m not sure what toyering is supposed to be)
-Are you done messing around?

He’s adorable but he doesn’t hide his feelings,he’s such a grumpy…
-space needed between feelings and he’s
-he’s so grumpy/he’s such a grumpy fellow.

i’m not going to talk anymore
capitalized I

(is this supposed to be a laugh?)
Hehe/teehee/hee hee

i hide myself from them since couple of months
-I’ve hid myself from them for a couple of months

My house is total ruin… my parents got killed by them…
-My house is in total ruin… My parents got killed by them…

if you want
-missing full stop after want

Sure, i used to be trained to sword arts,
-Sure, I used to be trained in the art of the sword,

i begin as a mercenary but i’,m…
-2 cases of uncapitalised I

Pfiouuuu i’m kind tired fighting these
-I’m kind of tired fighting these
(Pfiouuuu feels odd but I have no idea what sound this is supposed to be)

Atleast, we have a new friend now,
-At least we have a new friend now,

I told ya i’m good with swords
-capitalized I

Hihi, i sense some jealousy over here hihi…
(I assume hihi is laughing again?)
-Hehe, I sense some jealously over here…

can i join you i don’t belong here anymore
-Can I join you? I don’t belong here anymore.

I always wanted to see the world please let me join you.
-I’ve always wanted to see the world, please let me join you.

Of course why should i refuse you?
-Of course, why would I refuse you?

wielding Axes
-wielding axes

Yes, Swords
-Yes, swords

Peak irony would be me making typos while trying to correct typos.

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The hack looks promising, looking forward for more development in this!

And also, don’t forget to put your credits document here, just in case.

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I didn’t think there was so much mistakes x) I’m gonna correct this. Thanks for the message sir.

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In a about less than 2 weeks I’m in vacations so I’ll make sure to do a big update with at least 10 more chapters playable. Minimum 5 more chapters for sure. Chapter 4 i tested it and it is a success.

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Testing Chapter 4x ^^

Screen 9 sCREEN 8 Screen 10


I will be checking the events of your treasure chest box and the message you just received together tomorrow.
I have an urgent matter to attend to, so please wait a while.

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Sorry for not updating the thread for those who waiting the next updates. Shyuterz was fixing my problem so I was working on someone else project aswell. I’ll be able to keep continuing the project later. I’ll keep you in touch for the next updates.

Do you think she will die ? ^^

screen 11 screen 12 Screen 13


I will try my best to translate your Hack Rom.


The link is coming back soon. By rechecking the prologue start event, i saw it was a bit too short for an the entrance of the project i modified few things and added more text to make it more attractive

Screen 0 (This comes from FE7)




Nefertiri Portrait is finally ready.

Btw promoted class will be not the same portrait :smiley:

Screen 19

Credits to @LordGlenn for the status background


I think she is a pink mouse in screenshot :smile:

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:rofl: Wait for the promoted portrait :smiley:

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Where is her ears? The white ear :rofl: is she hiding when become a human? :rofl:

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Hidden by her hair on purpose.

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