Fire Emblem: The Demons curse part 3.1 available now

Hello everyone, I’ve been working on an FE8 hack for a good while now and am ready to show it off. As of now part 3 of 6 parts is complete and ready to go. Fire Emblem the Demons Curse is a project that i’m very excited to share with you all. You can download the latest version right here right now.

Fire Emblem the Demons Curse is a FE8 hack with a serious and fresh story that expands over 30 chapters.

The project has gone through a lot of changes since the last update, the biggest one being us switching from FE7 to FE8. If your curious about what else changed check the updates tab below.

Your feedback is important to me and will help the project improve so I would appreciate you filling out this survey. Your feedback will help make the game better. While I recommend that you take the survey after you finish the game feel free to take it whenever you like.
If you have feedback that would help other players feel free to leave a comment.


Long ago a demon lord named Eudus brought chaos to the continent of Dathrun. Six heroes banded together to stop him and his army of dragons. Years later a race of people with the demons blood appeared. They live regular human lives but a dark secret lies within their blood.

The Demons Curse follows a group of knights on a quest to protect their kingdom from the coming war. During the course of the story they get wrapped up in decades old plot to control Dathrun. Follow Fira on her quest for revenge against the ones who attacked her village while uncovering the reasons connecting the attack and the war. This quest will take her across the continent to different kingdoms where she will meet new friends and foes.


This is a log of every recruitment and hidden objective. Beware of spoilers before reading.

Prolauge: Fira, Lorell auto recruited on turn 2

Chapter 1: Sasha and Eli auto recruited on turn 3

Chapter 2: Tianna, recruited from village

Chapter 3: None

Chapter 4: Leroy, auto recruited

Chapter 5: Barry auto recruited, defeat Cardboard to unlock a gaiden chapter

Chapter 5X: Talk to Kai to recruit her, Have Kai talk to Alexander to recruit him, Talk to Axel then keep him alive to recruit him

Chapter 6: Talk to Zaga with Sasha to recruit him, Elain auto joins, keep Anew alive for a reward

Chapter 7: Talk to Percival with Nicholas to recruit him

Chapter 8: Talk to Uso to recruit her

Chapter 9: Keep Audrey alive to recruit her

Chapter 10: None

Chapter 11: Have Fira wait in village, Anew auto join

Chapter 12: Talk to Kamile with Fira, Talk to Hilji with Kamile


While designing the demons curse, I wanted to do some things that other Fire Emblem games don’t always do well. This section will be what I think makes the demons curse unique.

  • Multiple factions with fleshed out motivations.

  • Multiple recurring antagonist with stories and motivations that get explored alongside the heroes.

  • New music.

  • A healer-less early game that requires the player to use items wisely

  • A variety of map objectives.

  • Multiple races with unique traits

  • Interesting new classes

  • Strategy conversations

  • An index feature

  • Casual mode

  • A serious story with 6 acts and over 30 planned chapters

  • Harder difficulty than average FE games (Around conquest normal)

And much more!


This is where I will list everything that is changed in the latest updates/
Ver 3.1:
-Multiple bug fixes
-Minor portrait improvements

Ver 3.0:
-Two new chapters
-3 new playable characters
-Bug fixes
-Updated pallets and dialog

Ver 2.1:
-Multiple buffs
-Minor bug fixes
-Added dialog
-Portrait fixes

Ver 2.0:

  • Act 2 is now available bringing the total to 10 chapters.
  • Added and changed dialog for old chapters
  • Added new classes and fixed pallets
  • General bug fixes

I would like to start by saying a big thank you to my team who helped make this possible. And of course a big thank you to 7743 for creating FE builder and helping with my bugs.

*This section will be updated as new versions are released so feel free to check it out periodically for more.

The Team

  • GultyKappa, character designer

  • Zeldacrafter63, character and map designer

  • Operator0G, playtester


-• Girl of the spirit forest, dark wastes, and september by Nyawenyye
• Unfinished battle and roaming the wasteland and Chrono trigger battle 2 by Meilu
• Octopath battle 2 by Latios212 at ninsheetmusic
• Octopath battle 3 by Static at ninsheetmusic
• Those who fight FF7 by The Final Fantasy Guy at musiscore
• Past below and FE4 chapter 4 by Sme
• Dark Wastes by nyawenyye
• Roar of dominion and Apex of the world by Ashton Henry II on Musescore
• Road taken and Counterattack by Latios212 on musiscore
• Torna batle theme by That sax guy on musescore
• Clash by SaXor the Nobody
• Tempest of seasons by ProwerMusic on musescore
• As fierce as fire by Disquietude on musescore
• Rude Buster by GMA SHEETMUSIC

  • Scales of the Goddess by Disqueietude on musescore
  • Desire below by starsoarer at musiscore
  • Run past through the plain from final fantasy tactics
  • Beyond the time and Anno ishu from SD gundam advance
  • FE2 - Land Of Sorrow by (hypergammaspaces)
  • FE14 - Thorn In You (Roar) by (MysteriousDancer)
    • Moonstruck Blossom by (RandomWizard)
  • FE12 - Theme Of Love by (Swift Saturn)
  • FE13 - You May Call Me Marth by (MysteriousDancer)
  • Golden Sun - Mars Lighthouse by (A_Reliable_Chair)


  • axe Lyn by Vilkalizer

  • FE 10 Knights and sword knight by Nuramon

  • Female soldier by Dr0zz

  • Alternate soldier by Alusq

  • FE 10 fighter by Mage Knight 404

  • Hunter by Deranger

  • Shield general by Nuramon

  • Phantom by The bling archer, Archibald

  • Dread fighter by Nuramon

  • Bow assassin by Super-Dude9k

  • Grand paladin by Aruku and Kenpuhu and Nuramon

  • Halberdier by the blind archer

  • Harbinger/Dark hero by Nuramon and Linkain Arakeist

  • Dark knight by Teraspark

-Mage Eirika by Lisandra_Brave

  • Rouge with staff by ukulelej
    -Armored wyvern by Numeron
    -Griffen rider by Raspberry
    -Witch by Aruka and Kephuhu
    -War cleric by DertheVaporion and Pikmin1211
    -Berzerker F by Serif, eCut, Skitty, Pikmin1211
    -[T1][AXE][Brigand][F]{eCut, Skitty}
    -Warrior](Repalette)[F] by (Temp, helmfried)

-Graphics repo for Class cards
• Dancer (F) {Orihara_Saki}
• War Monk (M) {DerTheVaporeon}


-Aqua by Alusq

  • Rauewolf by Orihara_Saki

  • Donbettyr by Alusq

  • Bakurutsu by Sme

  • Tidal wave by st jack

  • Wind by Arch

  • Forsetti by MisakaMikoto

-Bakuretsu by Sme

-Dark Svartrblade – by Orihara_Saki

-Gronnserpent by Orihara_Sak

I wanted to keep things short, but if you’re interested in hearing more about it I would love to discuss it or any questions in the comments or on discord at , **** where you can chat with other fans. The demons curse is a big project that will take a good deal of time to complete but know that this is a project I don’t intend to give up on. You can expect updates soon. (If the discord link isin’t working you can shoot me a dm at SluffyG#7601)

Interested in helping out?

Creating a full game is a difficult task that takes a lot of time and resources. If you are interested in lending your skills to the project hit me up on discord. What’s needed most are map designers and play testers, but any skills you may have could be useful to the project.

Hey If you got this far I just want to say thanks for reading and I hope you found this interesting. I look forward to future updates and I hope you do too.


I actually love the story. I’ll have to play again later.

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so far its pretty good. on stage 4, the last door for the thief to go through doesn’t open though.

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Thanks I’ll look into it and fix it for the next patch oh and thanks for playing the game, hope you enjoyed it. I’d love to hear your full thoughts in the survey.

Part 2 is now live and ready to go! Make sure to post any bug or error in the error report section on the discord server above so we can improve.

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Error on defend Cyrus. After 10 turns & even after killing the boss, the chapter does not finish.

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That’s really strange it worked fine on my end, I’ll look into the problem. Sorry you couldn’t see the rest.

The bug has been fixed everything should be playable now. Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope you decide to go back for the rest. If not you can still help by filling out the survey above.

Part 3 1/2 is now out. Go check out what’s new in the updates section. If your wondering why its called 3 1/2, its because part 3 was split in half because of its length. The rest Should be out soon.


Nais, cant wait to play the complete version, great job mister

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I downloaded the 3.0 version that was there since i didnt see any 3.5 or anything. I assume this is the latest version and this freeze happened after killing the merc who was baited on hard mode with animations on.

Had to ditch hard mode because of this and couldnt talk to her or beat her.

also killing this merc on normal mode also causes the game to freeze.

Yeah that prologue bug is something I’ve been trying to fix for awhile. I’ll make sure its fixed by the next patch. Right now hard mode is untested so there’s still some things like this, sorry about that.

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On act 2 ch 7 as soon i start the chapter and make a move the game resets

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Sorry about that, it worked fine before. A balance/bug patch should be out by the end of the week. Most of the bugs should be gone by then, so I hope you come for that patch. Thanks again for giving it a try, I hope you enjoyed what you played. If you don’t plan on continuing I ask that you take a minute to fill out the survey, thank you.

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End of the week as in today or next week?..I plan on continuing although there are a lot of bugs and broken screens i m enjoying the game…

I’m expecting the end of next week at the latest. I plan to use that time to find and fix most of those bugs mentioned before.

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Version 3.1 is now available. Check out what’s new in the updates section.

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Dont see the version 3.1 in the available downloads from the link.

Looks like I misnamed the file, my mistake it should be fixed now.

Act 2 ch 9 seth is in my starting units…Also after the battle in chapter 9 in the midst of conversation convos,screen goes black, even when i tried to bypass the talking by pressing start the game still gave me black screen.