Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade 'Remake' [FE6 in FE8] [COMPLETE]

Lotś alert stance+ is not working or I dont understand how it should work. Same hitrate on enemies when defending as attacking.

That’s just the skill not working properly sadly, idk if it was ever fixed

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In this hack are there more chapters than in the original? That is, because of being able to play both routes? And another question, can Cath promote in Assassin

Another bug I have found: promoting Dieck to ranger is possible, but there is no sprite. Also he looses his axe-rank. You should change what he is able to promote into, as he is a special mercenary with axe-rank to begin with.

There are more chapters than in the original version, due to the way the Western Isles and Ilia/Sacae route splits are handled. There is no Western Isles route split (all chapters on the Western Isles are done in one playthrough) and Roy’s army goes to Ilia, while the Sacae chapters are gaiden chapters.

Cath cannot promote to assassin, I believe she is a prepromote Rogue here (someone please correct me if this is wrong, it’s been a while so my memory isn’t perfect.)

Some promotions will change in the future, including Dieck’s. I’d have to confirm with the actual team behind the 2.0 Remake, but in addition Dieck will likely lose his access to axes to make the fighters less obsolete.

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