Fire Emblem Temple of Ardesia [33 CHAPTERS, 15 Gaidens, 48 total]

I’ve made a new romhack.
The hack includes:
-Over 70 playable characters, 68 of them can be obtained in one playtrough.
The replacement units will appear if you lose other units. Usually they are sligthly weaker than
other player units with portraits.
-2-3 range longbows and improved shortbows.
-Skills by the SkillSystem of CirclesEverywhere
-Each player unit has a personal skill with more that can be unlocked at level 15
-Another skill can be a learned when a unit promotes and then reaches level 5, 10 or 15
-You can see growth rates by pressing backspace
-Golden and diamond weapons (shiny!)
-Axebreaker and lancebreaker, effective versus figthers and spearmen
-Triple class promotion for some units
-A party split after the first quarter of the game
-division of anima magic: fire is strong versus beasts (horse, dogs) and wind, wind is strong versus fliers (no wyverns) and thunder, thunder is strong versus wyverns and dragons and fire
-Magic reaver tomes
-Thieves can get a mount
-Snipers get a crit boost ( after level 5, like many other mono-weapon classes)
-Playable fleet for some chapters
-Wind, fire and thunder swords, with each has a respectable trait (wind sword strong vs fliers)
-Strength and magic are split
-Tracia escape, all unit must reach the escape point.
-Added a recruitment guide, contains spoilers.
-much more will come
This is an early beta, so expect a lot to change
Updated version 1.60.
Always use the latest patch.

Stuff to do:
-Fixing bugs.

Some advice:
-Wyvern Lords have anti-archer armor, wich means that they don’t have
the arrow vulnerability, to compensate for this, they have armor weakness
-Shamans and druids also have armor weakness, to compensate for they
high defense
-Assassin cannot steal or use lockpicks unless their base class was a thief, that means
that if your mirmidon promoted to assassins won’t be able to steal or use lockpicks
-To adress to convoy issue of part 2, for the time being you will use the convoy of part 3-4, wich means that you may have access to the items of the previous party, try to not use them as it will change the intended difficulty.
-As you have guessed, this is a very VERY long hack, and the maps can be quite big,
be sure to be patient.
-Some gaidens are about talking and buying stuff, like FE7 War Preparations, others are like FE6 where it’s simply a bonus chapter where you figth, sometimes you’ll use a different party.
-The gaidens where you talk only are chapter 1-5x, 2-5x, 3-2x and 4-4x, the others have enemies.

Fire Emblem - bc1.emulator-6
Fire Emblem - bc1.emulator-10
Fire Emblem - bc1.emulator-8
Fire Emblem - bc1.emulator-28
Fire Emblem - bc1.emulator-26
Fire Emblem - bc1.emulator-33
Fire Emblem - bc1.emulator-30



Can we see some screenshots of your hack, please? I want to know what kind of ROM hack is really like instead of running into it blindly and not knowing what to expect.


If it’s a UPS, you should directly post the link to it in the post itself. Telling someone to go to Github and download it from there without a link is asking for trouble, especially when you can’t even find it by searching.

I tried, but it says I can’t put these kind of files on a post
I dunno why
Now I posted a link, it “should” work

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Do not upload or link to roms.


What should I do then? I’m a simple man, just wanted to make a enjoyable romhack, I’m still learning.
Why did you removed the images?


make it into a UPS file in FEbuilder, I believe it’s under ‘‘file’’.

I have the ups file, but I can’t post it because it says is unauthorized

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There was a .gba file in the folder you linked to, which is illegal to share in the US (where FEU and GitHub are both located). Once you remove the .gba file from the github we’ll restore the link. Sorry about this, it’s for legal reasons.


Uh…no UPS patch?

@FrecciaVerde - do you have a .ups patch link? The github link does not work.

It should work now

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**Hi so I finally got around to playing your hack. up to chap 1-2 now and I thought i should write down my personal thoughts as I go along (I’ll edit this reply i guess idunno) **
**general: **

  • well i guess i should mention that the portraits looks kinda wonky, I guess this is because you’re using placeholders for now which is fine but portraits are a very good hook for players for hacks so proper portraits might do your hack some good.
  • I really like the Battle screen and the battle animations. The palette is a bit rough but i guess because of my weird taste i weirdly like the bright colors of the characters, although if you want a recommended palette editor i think usenti will do*
    The character stat screen’s background is a little too much for my eyes and it’s pretty distracting imo

Chap1 notes:

  • The starting characters are fine with maybe the exception of the sword lord which i feel could use a steel sword to balance out her very minimal damage output and to have an alternative of her personal sword (the iron sword and her personal only have 1 dmg difference)
  • I like monsters as a starting enemy type and they provide good variety in terms of weapons excluding axes
  • I like the enemies from the right that actively attack you but I think the enemies in the building’s A.I should be set to do not move because I pretty much just choked them out in one place after i broke the wall

Overall chap 1 is a pretty good chapter aside from the a.i stuff i mentioned (p.s if you do wanna learn more on enemy formations and A.I types I recommend Random Wizard’s guide if you haven’t seen that)

Chap 2
Okay so I think there is 3 major problems with this chapter

  1. Major case of one tile syndrome:
    The chapter lagss majorly because of one tile syndrome, the buildings are just super narrow and doesn’t allow for the many units you get to navigate the terrain very well. what happens is that most of the units are just forced into a congo line with the strongest on the front. this is made worse with fog because it makes people super cautious and rely on turtling all the way to the end. The axe guy you get from the start completely tanking the mauthe doogs you sent in from the back with his prefer is a huge example of this. I recommend making the main structures be wider (2-3 tiles) to help with this.
  2. Huge unit pool going in
    I think there’s way to many units joining your army at this stage of the game. I counted like 7 units in total? it’s a bit much and it also makes the congo line problem worse, especially the cavs that spawn behind the player. To help with this you could either lower the units you get in the map (and enemy count i guess) or widen the sections of the map aka fix problem number 1. This should help the player utilize more of the new units they get in engaging ways.
  3. Way to many broken walls
    I admit i really like the pathways the broken walls in pillars idea but that being said, there are way to many broken walls in this map. They aren’t that much of a problem when it comes to breaking them but they do fill up space and you do have to spend a turn to break them which again makes this map lag a lot. I highly recommend connecting the small parts of the map more with each other and having the "pillars in strategic spots instead to encourage the players to break them for an advantage.

other noted for this chapter:

  • I noticed the anima spells have the same might and different effectiveness. I think it would be really helpful for the player if you put a desc as to what they are effective against
  • when the units join you don’t get a good look at them so it’s hard to determine where and what classes they are. you can help with this by putting a command to “move the camera to a certain coordinate of the map” and “wait for x seconds” on the turn they come in.
  • only sword lord can seize, it would be nice to be able to seize with lance lord as well. oh yeah speaking on the seize point, i think you can add a “highlight” the seize square command at the start of the map since the point gets covered by the fog

overall I think the starting chapters need more work in them. I apologize if my points are mostly negative but I’m trying to be as fair as possible with my points. I also apologize for not playtesting sooner but some life stuff got in the way haha.


for reference I played on hard and needed 30-40 mins to finish chap 1-2

thank you for your feedback, the version you’ve just played is an outdated one, I’m going to realease another one that will fix some on the problems. I’m kinda first at making portraits and palette. chapter 2 got inspiration by tracia chapter 1, where various unit join the party. I shall make the corridors wider. But yeah, I hope you enjoy having 7 units joining on chapter 2, maybe I’ll reduce the number of units joined.
Please keep playing and share feedback!


Well the weekends close so I should be able to playthrough a couple chapters, I’ll share my thoughts after. Also Goodluck on the development man. keep on keeping on.

Thank you!

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Chapter 3-2 was remade.
Fire Emblem - bc1.emulator-38

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Patch 1.25:
-Added new songs, some from other gba games.
-Remade some maps
-Wrote more supports.


How did I miss this release? I see it’s complete this might be a dumb question but is there anything left to do to make this 100% done besides balance or anything?