Fire Emblem Temple of Ardesia [33 CHAPTERS, 15 Gaidens, 48 total]

I wrote a to do list on the post.


so how is this completed when u need to finish writting the story? :face_with_monocle:

The gameplay is completed. I need playtesting so I can improve the gameplay.


Gotcha, thanks for letting me know. I wasn’t sure if it was an outdated list or not. I look forward to playing this when it’s completed!

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Please help, how to win chapter 3-4 : pirates ahoy, i cant seize or Occupy after killing all bos, ITS always failed

I’m sorry that you found a bug, I promise that I’ll fix it as soon as possible, in the next 24 hours I’ll release a new patch. By the way, according to the comments here, you are the first one who reached chapter 3-4.


Due to internet connession problems , the patch will come tomorrow.


Okey thank u, i Will be wait :slight_smile:

So playing on John GBA causes the game to freeze when the enemies attack in chapter 1-1

I never used John GBA, I dunno how can I help you, maybe I should send a report, but please, tell me what’s a John GBA?

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Version 1.26:
-Fixed a bug where the range condition of chapter 3-4 didn’t work, now it’s fixed.
-Updated some portraits and palettes
-Added more gba songs from Fire Emblem and other games.


It’s a GBA emulator

U can use My Boy!, if u use smartphone, im using it, check in play store

Small things to report, going from chapter 1-3x to 1-4 every member of the fleet was still in my roster of deployable units, Marcello’s portrait is misaligned and Fiana’s portrait is extremely misaligned. Chapter 1-3x’s end event is still using the end event from vanilla.

Other things I’ve noticed is almost every single instance of a word ending with “ght” instead has “gth” so we end up with a Ligth Mage instead of Light Mage. The sheer amount of “alrigth” started to make me think everyone has an aggressive lisp.

I’ll release a patch to fix everything eventually, maybe tomorrow.

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I noticed the things @jackofblades1991 mentioned as well as some character portraits and battle palettes being bugged and unfinised. Otherwise having fun with the hack so far.

Patch 1.27:
-Removed a glitch where on chapter 1-3x and 1-5x the player would have access to the Feresian ships, this was fixed.
-Adjusted Marcello and Fiana portraits
-Added events for chapter 1-3x and 1-5x
-Rewrote part of the early story
-Updated some item and weapon icons

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Alright, not to come across as harsh but a few questions.

Why are the “steel” tomes just straight better then the “iron” tomes?
Why do the hitrates fluctuate so heavily seemingly at random?
Why do the pirates on 1-9 have so many weapons?
Was the reason you made dark mages an armored unit just so anti-armor weapons could have more targets?
Why do the light mages on 1-F have so much speed compared to everyone else on that map (15 speed to everyone else having 10-11)?

This last one may not be applicable due to you re-writting stuff but…

why didn’t you commit to saying fuck? This is kind of the important one, fuck is a work you really should either straight out use or exclude in a sentence. Because going either “fuk” or “fok” makes it really godsdamned hard to take the story with any amount of seriousness.

Otherwise I have been enjoying myself and intend these questions to be legitimate questions and not trying to be an asshole or anything, i just want to know how some of these ideas came to be.

Just here to say that you have kept the class roll in the rom that plays if you’ve spent too long on the main menu. However since you have edited the classes and rom, the game crashes when going into the class roll.

Also I would like to add to this post by saying, that if you are fine with it, I’d like to redo Nila and Franco’s portrait if that is alright with you.


Can you please explain why the steel tomes are better than iron?
Can you explain why the hitrates fluctuate ?
I wanted to make the pirates on 1-9 scary enemy so your
fliers would have some difficulties in defeating them
I wanted to make sure some weapons, like hammers, have more utility
The ligth mages in 1-F are supposed to be strong, since it’s kinda final chapter
I’m not a writer, this is my first official hack, and so far this is the only comment that centralized on question, the one about fake screw words, if anybody agree, I can replace every fake screw word
with damn or hell. I wanted to highligth the gravity of the situation but I don’t want to say fuck every ten seconds. Thank for your feedback!

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