Fire Emblem Tales of the Stones

UPDATE 02/06/18
The game is progressing and it is ready to release, however we have two massive glitches that are preventing the game release. As such we cannot put the rom out until they are fixed. I am hoping that it is resolved soon, but if anyone would know to help or can recommend places to go to it would be really appricated!

-UPDATE- -15/05/18-

The game is coming along nicely, most of the glitches have been taken care of, and we just need to sort classes and items, as such the first patch will include 4 chapters, with all new classes and units and a new and exciting naarative, we hope you will enjoy as we have a planned release date of the end of this month at the latest. A huge thanks to everyone who has helped with this game.

Also, we will require game testers before the major release, if anyone is intrested then please message me on my discord which is included below.

Hey, I’m looking for any potential people to help with a game I’m putting toegether, anyone who can help in anyway would be greatly appricated. The story, is already set out, with the game happening 15 years after FE8 and a lot of things have changed, if you would like to help in any way, shape or form I would be extremely grateful!

Discord Profile - ethanb2309#5114

Discord Server -

Link to google drive -
so that you are able to view everything we have planned/done so far.

Also a copy of the game is inside the drive.

A massive thanks to everyone who will help, and a huge thank you to anyone who takes the time to listen to my ranting LOL.

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I’ll help

Discord invitation is broken

So. added some changes:

  1. Inserted the custom portraits
  2. Made some custom pallets (Wendy, Natalie, possible promoted Ethan)
  3. Made a Tier 3 Seal out of the ocean seal (Thieves, pirates, and brigands promote with hero seal)
  4. Changed the tier 3 classes to promoted experience gain (Also changed relative power to 5, which changes Exp gain. Higher relative powers gain less exp but grant more when killed. This means that a tier 3 level 1 will get less exp than a tier 2 level 1 per kill)
  5. Added animation for ninja. Possible animation for Ethan Promotion

My updated rom is here:

Okay while I am HUGELY greatful for that, the rom in the google drive is actually like two weeks old LOL, but if you keep the stuff you’ve done and I can send you the rom?

Apolgies, here’s a new one

Sorry. I don’t have discord :confused:

That’s fine, we can manage on here. :slight_smile:

Also did you get the messages I sent you?

I did. I’m taking a couple of screenshots to show you how I do pallet swaps in FEBuilder

Okay thank you, did you get the link to the folder I made you?

Yep. Patching my clean rom now :slight_smile:

Thank you, let me know when you have and I’ll see what you can do

There are all my screenshots. So in the character editor you click unit pallet. Move the classes on the bottom half of the screen to the classes that you want (change the IDs). Click the pallets on the top to change the pallet. Once you get to the screen with all the colors, all you need to do is change them and click “write pallet” after you are done

Okay, are you going to be playing through or are you able to do stuff like fixing glitches?

I’m going to play it. First i’m fixing all the animations (the mages had general animations, the knights had pegasus animations, etc.

Yeah it’s because I had moved the classes around, if you assign the ones to classes that already existed and if you know how to make any for the new classes if you can do that it would be really appricated .

I added what I have so far to the drive you sent me. I should be able to finish it tommorrow,.

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Okay thank you very much, if you can send it back when you are done that would be appricated. :slight_smile: