Fire Emblem Tales of the Stones


I’m interested, so I’ll look forward to it’s completion.


I will. Also, could you try to test to get rid of the hoard of great knights on every map XD. It must be a unit placer glitch or something


Wait, what do you mean?


It might have been something I did, but the unit placer is filled with user great knights for some reason…


Okay, well I’ll see about fixing that when you send the rom back


Should be simple enough to remove. I’ll make sure they are all gone before I send my final editted ROM lol


Okay thank you.


Ah. I found it out. It’s just the placement for skirmishes


Okay, that’s good to hear


Also, what’s the weapon types for the promotion tree of mages (Archsages vs Light Archsages vs Dark Archsages)


Archsages- Anima Light Archsage -Light and Dark Dark Archsage Dark and Light


Could I suggest using a Trinity? (Anima Archsage gets light, Light Archsage gets dark, and dark Archsage gets anima?)


(I’m making the promotion branches)


That sounds good, it’s just that the anima is going to be divided into fire thunder and wind magic


We could actually use PRFs for that…


I can do the PRF stacking if you want


Seems like you both should be using FEU’s PM system.

Clicking on a user’s name should display a Message option. It’ll help reduce clutter in this thread and help to keep things readable for anyone viewing it.


Yeah that’s what I was thinking


And yeah I know LOL