Fire Emblem Sword of Souls Gameplay DEMO (Chapter 1-10)

This is an rpg maker mv fe fan game made with tactical battle system plugins. There’s a guide that only the game doesn’t tell you which provided in the “www” folder.

3 of the youngest rulers of Aether Morvic, Lina and Arthur have joined forces to avenge their dead families from the ruthless and most powerful kings, Ghernam the prideful Dominator from the Iron Will Nation, Valmus the cruelest Wyvern King from the Sky Nation, and Belerick the greediest Desolate King from the far away wastelands.

-Mana System
-TP Stamina System (BETA)
-Semi-Shadow Dragon Gameplay Style
-Unbreakable Weapons
-Weapon/Item drops on kills
-Might be 40+ Chapters
-Multiple Lords
-Gameplay Heavy


Chapter Progress: (not sure about this cuz lack of playtesting so i’m gonna put 99%)
Chapter 1: 99%
Chapter 2: 99%
Chapter 3: 99%
Chapter 4: 99%
Chapter 5: 99%
Chapter 6: 99%
Chapter 7: 99%
Chapter 8: 99%
Chapter 9: 99%
Arc 1: 99%
Chapter 10: 99%
Chapter 11: 50%
Chapter 12: 5%
Chapter 13 and up: unplanned
Arc 2: 50%
Arc 3: 5%
Final Arc: 0%


Got any screenshots to share?


Update 0.1.2:
*bug fixes
*chapter 10 now playable

update 0.1.3:
*bug fixes

This game looks fun! I also like the graphics too! When the games finish, tell me. I’m really patient so I can wait.

Follow their discord to stay posted

Edit: wrong post reply, apologies

Update 0.2.1:
-Added a little intro
-TP Stamina system (in BETA)
means every attack you spend stamina points and regenerate on end turn
-Lord Aura Skill
-Changed character growths and stats
-Changed enemy and boss stats
-Cavaliers are now divided into different classes: Sword, Lance, Axe, Bow Knight
-Paladins can now equip: Sword, Lance Axe, Bow
-Bonus Ex-Stats for each character of their own
Ex-Stats are hit, evasion, crit chance
-Level caps

I’m trying to balance this game as much as possible i can be sometimes rude and create a difficult map so please put down some horribly balanced things or softlocks if you feel impossible to deal with. thnx

Dev Message:
This is reply is the changing point of the thread. I will now turn this into a full fledged hack since the rpg maker mv plugins doesn’t do much to create an full fe fangame. The hack is still in super early beta and the 1-10 chapter or one arc playtesting will be released in a very while. I will change this entire topic after the playtest is released so all of the new mechanics in the game are all scrapped. The hack will be just a plain and classic fire emblem gba game focused mainly on difficulty fun and binding blade inspired without any fancy things added. The hack will be very long over 40 chapters of the main story is planned with just one gaiden chapter.

leaked pics:
leak of chapter 2
chapter 3 leak

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