Fire Emblem Sword of Souls Gameplay DEMO (Chapter 1-10)

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This is an rpg maker mv fe fan game made with tactical battle system plugins. There’s a guide that only the game doesn’t tell you which provided in the game folder.

3 of the youngest rulers of Damien Morvic, Lina and Arthur have joined forces to avenge their dead families from the ruthless and most powerful kings, Ghernam the general, Valmus the sky lord, and Belerick the desolate king.

-Mana System
-Semi-Shadow Dragon Gameplay Experience
-Unbreakable Weapons
-Weapon/Item drops on kills
-25+ Chapters without fillers
-Multiple Lords
-Gameplay Heavy


Chapter Progress: (not sure about this cuz lack of playtesting so i’m gonna put 99%)
Chapter 1: 99%
Chapter 2: 99%
Chapter 3: 99%
Chapter 4: 99%
Chapter 5: 99%
Chapter 6: 99%
Chapter 7: 99%
Chapter 8: 99%
Chapter 9: 99%
Arc 1: 99%
Chapter 10: 99%
Chapter 11: 50%
Chapter 12: 5%
Chapter 13 and up: unplanned
Arc 2: 50%


Got any screenshots to share?


Update 0.1.2:
*bug fixes
*chapter 10 now playable

update 0.1.3:
*bug fixes

This game looks fun! I also like the graphics too! When the games finish, tell me. I’m really patient so I can wait.

Follow their discord to stay posted

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