Fire Emblem: Storge [COMPLETE]

My MARTH submission was a companion to this hack, so I’m crosslinking it here:
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Let’s just say that Storge players’ll probably get the most out of this hack, hehe.


Hi! I wanted to share a custom cartridge I just commissioned. Playing it blind, it’s a blast so far.

There are some glitches but that’s more than likely a problem caused by the Analogue Pocket who has troubles running some romhacks. I had to disable the battle backgrounds because the game would sometime randomly freeze during some magic animations. Having them on causes some sort of loading error and even without magic is really choppy. I will try to test it on a regular GBA later.

Custom label (F2U)


Wow, that’s super cool :eyes:. Glad you’re enjoying the hack!


Well that was quite fun! Filled with random freezes, but thankfully thanks to FE’s generous auto-saves it never was an issue. Reloading the same fight often fixed the problem and if it kept happening I just turned off the fight anims just for that one and put it back on. I took the most taxing characters on purpose to test the limits. (basically if the game randomly had a load issue and that same fight a character used magic or leveled/ranked up it would freeze)

Initial loadout:
  • Gretchen (+Iron Sword +Killing Edge +Lancereaver)
  • Vidali / Dwight (+Decay)
  • Barbaricia (+Iron Lance +Steel Lance)
  • Malachi (+Iron Sword +Slim Sword [Steel Blade → Gretchen])
  • Munif (+Steel Lance)
  • Divya (+Steel Bow)
  • Cruithne (+Lightning +Fire)
  • Sievert (+Mend)
  • Senal (+Battle Axe)
  • +Vulnerary x5
  • 59g left
  • Normal Difficulty
Random observations:
  • Barbaricia, Vidali, and Cruithne carried most of my game. And I don’t know if I was incredibly lucky or it’s a glitch or a gargoyle passive or anything, but I landed at least 5 times a <5% crit with Barbaricia.
  • Crit weapons in general seemed like the best option. Decay, Killing Edge, and T.I.R.S. helped me in so many bad situations.
  • I loved Malachi at first, I have always been a fan of “the final touch” to optimize weapon cost and help underleveled units. I immediately suspected he would be some kind of Magikarp but in the end the promotion was a but underwhelming and I almost preferred him as a villager.
  • Dwight help me save up SO MUCH thanks to his unbreakable claws. Basically a free hit from an above average unit.
  • Sievert was treated as a joke but in reality they were very good. Being a non-offensive meant they were often targeted yet tanked the attacks easily. Premium bait and a decent healer.
  • Munif definitively was my worst unit. Not that terrible but way too fragile and not strong enough to be very useful. My most healed unit by far.
  • Senal’s ballista was clutch and very satisfying but wasting a turn turning her back was a but frustrating though understandable. The ballista reward from the pirate chief was also very satisfying (“you mean I’m allowed to do it more?!”)
  • Divya was solid, not much else to say. B+ units with few drawbacks and an “Erase Cavalry” button.
  • Gretchen was okay mostly as a support unit to finish things off, but in hindsight I don’t know how I could have finished the game without the magic sword from the first level.
  • Cruithne my glitchy love, definitely the mascot of my buggy playthrough (“Wait, maybe it’s on purpos-[console screams in agony]”). She’s way too OP and I’m not complaining. A triple mage with a x52 3-range crit? And a backup healer?? For 5k??? She needs her own game and she’ll be the final boss of it.
  • I was sad I was just a bit too short on money to hire Saloninus, and I had too many sword wielders too. He’s the only “weirdo” I couldn’t take on my first playthrough.
  • “Roy! From Smash Bros!” my freaking sides lmao

Time for an Emperor Run, still on Normal. It looks like a really interesting challenge, I tested a few weapons loadout and I’m not sure which one would be the best. The other achievements are brutal though, not sure I’ll even ever try.


Just finished my first run! Had a lot a fun with this, it’s a really unique concept and it’s really polished as a game. The fact that everyone were lone mercenaries without needing connections to some greater plot, made the perfect spawning ground for a lot of experimental and frankly, ridiculous units. And that’s not even mentioning the replayability that it offers. Will definitely be playing more of this.

Final Gold: 26306
Final Turns: 69 (yes really)

-Rorty (DEAD Ch1)
-Imogene (DEAD Ch5)
-Malachi (DEAD Ch2)
-Jamakaya (DEAD Ch5)
-Gage (MVP)
-Stamos (DEAD Ch2)

Probably going to try some flying units next time, these guys were super imobile.


Alright, there goes my second run. I had a friend pick out my characters this time around, so my team was a little wonky.

From Chapter 2-4, 2 units died every chapter. It started with me losing two of my healers, which sort of lead to a death spiral.

This caused me to lose my dancer in Chapter 3, and also Radogast just because I forgot he was a flier. Thankfully, Malachi promoted in Chapter 4 and became like a second Gretchen, without him I could not have beat the game.

I misplaced Buchanen in the brave Ballista’s range and he bit the dust, followed by Salonious dying because Cruithne was too occupied with healing others. I genuinely thought this was the end, but miraculously I managed to finish the chapter with spirits held high.

Come Chapter 5, nobody had like any weapon uses left (thank god for the brave sword), and the time limit scared me. The only reason I got through Chapter 4 was because I could camp at the center fort for as long as I wanted to. In Chapter 5, that wouldn’t work. Gretchen and Malachi went full Rambo on this map and cleared probably 90% of the enemies. Cruithne Used the last of her tomes, and Malachi broke both his swords. Gretchen clutched and hit two 70s against Alcaeus with the brave sword, while at low health and Cruithne out of range, before calmly walking into the city.

Gold: 16799
Turn Count: 98

-Buchanen (DEAD Ch4 to Lujcan)
-Leverene (DEAD Ch2 to Rapier Merc)
-Cruithne (MVP)
-Radogast (DEAD Ch3 to Archer)
-Sievert (DEAD Ch2 to Hammer Fighter)
-Salonious (DEAD Ch4 to Lujcan)
-Hikari (DEAD Ch3 to Cavalier)

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