Fire Emblem: Storge [COMPLETE]

I was wondering why I was getting a larger than normal traffic from this site, that explains it lol.

This is my video and I had intended to do this challenge as a warp skip beforehand, but after finding out I can just swap the angel wings that weren’t locked to just him and light brands were really cheap as well, figured I would just stat boost the heck out of her and just have fun that way, which works well. Don’t skimp out on the boots, they should be the first stat boosts you buy.

Hey! Great hack. I’ve just started this hack and decided to blind ironman it on hard (my first ironman! But the game seemed short, so it felt like a good choice). I just beat chapter 2.

I had no deaths in chapter 1, but unfortunately lost two units in chapter 2:

  1. Divya died to the Simoom mage in the beginning after missing an 88 displayed hit (my fault, should have never trusted just 88 displayed hit lol).
  2. Next lost Kersi right near the end, because I did a rescue skip to get Becker to the goal. I didn’t realize that “escape” meant to escape with all units! For some reason I thought only Becker had to escape, just like in Path of Radiance.

So far I’d recommend if you can to change the objective to “all escape” or “all units escape” if possible, though I’m not sure about the limitations here. I think everything else is great though! Definitely recommend.

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well that was a fuckin’ lie lol

anyways here’s a “definitive update”, still patch in OP

  • fire emblem and air ring now useable in preps
  • unpromoted units may s rank
  • senal will now always start maps as a pirate
  • anna has had str/def growths buffed
  • roy now has the binding blade and a knight crest
  • buchanan has +5 move
  • saloninus now has offensive growths, starts with steel sword
  • drugar got misc buffs
  • gage’s def buffed, res nerfed
  • rorty’s hp growth buffed by 100%, +2 defense
  • perseus now starts with an acrobat gem
  • objective text in chapter 2 clarified
  • suspend character changed

I found out about this hack 3 days ago and prompty beat it last night on normal. Its an absolute blast. I really enjoy planning everything in the prolouge. I spent an hour just looking in armories and checking characters and wasnt bored for a second. The dialog is great too. The peg knight had me laughing my ass off. I really like how all the planning is frontloaded and you’re thrown right into the action after the prolouge.

My team for my first run consistened of -
Rorty : Huge str stat and his medicore defenses prevent him from being game breaking. Still incredibly potent and he hard carried for me. He’s worth the 12,000.

Xenobia: She made great use of the killer bow, she didnt level up str once and still stayed relevant for me. The healing in tandem with 6 move was nice. She made quick work of fliers and mages. I didnt try the shining bow on her but I imagine itd be a strong option.

Cheyenne: Cheyenne was one of my favorites, she had sky high speed and I was able to get her to one round a good chunk of enemies. The theif utility was nice too. I was able to steal the white gem off that sniper boss in ch 4 instead of trying to fight her.

Anna: By the final map she had 25 luck and an additional +15 from her prf. All her other stats were between 11-12. Her combat is pretty standard but having a shop was a good saftey net. Not sure if this is possible but itd be neat if the items rotated around from map to map. Using Cheyenne meant I had alot of extra spending money, im not sure if Id use Anna again without a theif to steal gems.

Dawkins: Absolutely busted unit. He capped speed and had 17 str/14 def. For his price he is broken. Im not sure how rng blessed I got but his growths were pretty high. He was the MVP of the run and practically unkillable.

Cruithne: She(?) is probably one of the most cost effective mercs available. Healing and good magic offense. They kicked ass with Judgement and a basic thunder tome.

Seivert: Staff armors as a concept is hilarious and works pretty well. Alot of rom hacks like to make bulky priests so going the full mile and making a staff armor was the logical progression of that trend. He was also pretty cheap and Zenobia couldnt do all the heals alone. I would have liked a promotion where he could gain access to a weapon but thats just a nitpick.

All in all this is a great hack. Im definitely gonna play it again and again. One small thing I noticed was in ch 3 the villager says in red text you can get some supplies but theres no shops/armories on the map. Was I supposed to use the battle preps armory or something? If so I missed that entirely. Anyways hopefully the lengthy post is welcomed and congrats on this banger hack.

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Yes, battle preps armory is disabled in all chapters except that chapter.

I’m glad you enjoyed the hack :slight_smile:


Just completed my first run through Storge! Er, using the version just before this latest update.

It was a really fun time! The story is sweet and heartfelt, and the characters all have a ton of charm to them! Going in, I actually didn’t expect anyone but Gretchen and Becker to have boss quotes, so I was surprised to find that Stamos had one with Jortur. Now I’m curious what other boss quotes there are; the cast are super fun and I’m down to learn more about them.

My full team after the mandatory Becker and Gretchen was Dawkins, Humboldt—couldn’t not recruit the two guard buddies!—Malachi, Cheyenne, Roscoe, Laverne, Sievert, Stamos, and Eni. I thought I’d put together something fairly balanced, but the game is really well-put together to make you feel what you passed up and wonder if other characters and gear would’ve been better suited to tackling sections that gave you trouble; a great quality in a game that aims to be highly replayable!

It’s also impressive and really cool how every party member has such a distinct identity to them, both in gameplay and as characters. There are absolutely no repeat classes, for one thing, unless one of the unlockable party members is a repeat, but even beyond that, the characters are all very unique! There’s a good mixture of vanilla FE-type characters, characters who mix attributes in ways official FE has yet to, and quirky gimmick characters to choose from, and it’s cool to think that I’ve still got multiple entire parties’ worth of party members to try out in future playthroughs.

Gonna add my own recommendation of the game to the pile, ‘cause this is definitely a hack deserving of attention!

Also, as an aside, the Staff Armor walking map sprites are a little borked. I think some walk frames are a pixel too low on the sheet; you can see a one-pixel-tall strip appear above Sievert on certain walking frames, which I’d assume shouldn’t happen. It should be easy to fix, but I just felt I should let you know!

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Is the uppest link the latest version?

Yeah it is.

Okay actually it’s really not a big deal at all but here’s a fixed moving map sprite sheet for the Staff Armor class. The left/right-moving sprites all just needed to be moved up one pixel each, and that was it. Up to you if you wanna do anything with this, but I felt I’d share it for convenience’s sake!

Moving Map Anims Fire Emblem Storge Definitive.gba_23@18 Staff Armor_011CEC3C



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My MARTH submission was a companion to this hack, so I’m crosslinking it here:
Make A Really Terrific Hack: MARTH - Creative / Contests - Fire Emblem Universe (

Let’s just say that Storge players’ll probably get the most out of this hack, hehe.


Hi! I wanted to share a custom cartridge I just commissioned. Playing it blind, it’s a blast so far.

There are some glitches but that’s more than likely a problem caused by the Analogue Pocket who has troubles running some romhacks. I had to disable the battle backgrounds because the game would sometime randomly freeze during some magic animations. Having them on causes some sort of loading error and even without magic is really choppy. I will try to test it on a regular GBA later.

Custom label (F2U)


Wow, that’s super cool :eyes:. Glad you’re enjoying the hack!


Well that was quite fun! Filled with random freezes, but thankfully thanks to FE’s generous auto-saves it never was an issue. Reloading the same fight often fixed the problem and if it kept happening I just turned off the fight anims just for that one and put it back on. I took the most taxing characters on purpose to test the limits. (basically if the game randomly had a load issue and that same fight a character used magic or leveled/ranked up it would freeze)

Initial loadout:
  • Gretchen (+Iron Sword +Killing Edge +Lancereaver)
  • Vidali / Dwight (+Decay)
  • Barbaricia (+Iron Lance +Steel Lance)
  • Malachi (+Iron Sword +Slim Sword [Steel Blade → Gretchen])
  • Munif (+Steel Lance)
  • Divya (+Steel Bow)
  • Cruithne (+Lightning +Fire)
  • Sievert (+Mend)
  • Senal (+Battle Axe)
  • +Vulnerary x5
  • 59g left
  • Normal Difficulty
Random observations:
  • Barbaricia, Vidali, and Cruithne carried most of my game. And I don’t know if I was incredibly lucky or it’s a glitch or a gargoyle passive or anything, but I landed at least 5 times a <5% crit with Barbaricia.
  • Crit weapons in general seemed like the best option. Decay, Killing Edge, and T.I.R.S. helped me in so many bad situations.
  • I loved Malachi at first, I have always been a fan of “the final touch” to optimize weapon cost and help underleveled units. I immediately suspected he would be some kind of Magikarp but in the end the promotion was a but underwhelming and I almost preferred him as a villager.
  • Dwight help me save up SO MUCH thanks to his unbreakable claws. Basically a free hit from an above average unit.
  • Sievert was treated as a joke but in reality they were very good. Being a non-offensive meant they were often targeted yet tanked the attacks easily. Premium bait and a decent healer.
  • Munif definitively was my worst unit. Not that terrible but way too fragile and not strong enough to be very useful. My most healed unit by far.
  • Senal’s ballista was clutch and very satisfying but wasting a turn turning her back was a but frustrating though understandable. The ballista reward from the pirate chief was also very satisfying (“you mean I’m allowed to do it more?!”)
  • Divya was solid, not much else to say. B+ units with few drawbacks and an “Erase Cavalry” button.
  • Gretchen was okay mostly as a support unit to finish things off, but in hindsight I don’t know how I could have finished the game without the magic sword from the first level.
  • Cruithne my glitchy love, definitely the mascot of my buggy playthrough (“Wait, maybe it’s on purpos-[console screams in agony]”). She’s way too OP and I’m not complaining. A triple mage with a x52 3-range crit? And a backup healer?? For 5k??? She needs her own game and she’ll be the final boss of it.
  • I was sad I was just a bit too short on money to hire Saloninus, and I had too many sword wielders too. He’s the only “weirdo” I couldn’t take on my first playthrough.
  • “Roy! From Smash Bros!” my freaking sides lmao

Time for an Emperor Run, still on Normal. It looks like a really interesting challenge, I tested a few weapons loadout and I’m not sure which one would be the best. The other achievements are brutal though, not sure I’ll even ever try.


Just finished my first run! Had a lot a fun with this, it’s a really unique concept and it’s really polished as a game. The fact that everyone were lone mercenaries without needing connections to some greater plot, made the perfect spawning ground for a lot of experimental and frankly, ridiculous units. And that’s not even mentioning the replayability that it offers. Will definitely be playing more of this.

Final Gold: 26306
Final Turns: 69 (yes really)

-Rorty (DEAD Ch1)
-Imogene (DEAD Ch5)
-Malachi (DEAD Ch2)
-Jamakaya (DEAD Ch5)
-Gage (MVP)
-Stamos (DEAD Ch2)

Probably going to try some flying units next time, these guys were super imobile.


Alright, there goes my second run. I had a friend pick out my characters this time around, so my team was a little wonky.

From Chapter 2-4, 2 units died every chapter. It started with me losing two of my healers, which sort of lead to a death spiral.

This caused me to lose my dancer in Chapter 3, and also Radogast just because I forgot he was a flier. Thankfully, Malachi promoted in Chapter 4 and became like a second Gretchen, without him I could not have beat the game.

I misplaced Buchanen in the brave Ballista’s range and he bit the dust, followed by Salonious dying because Cruithne was too occupied with healing others. I genuinely thought this was the end, but miraculously I managed to finish the chapter with spirits held high.

Come Chapter 5, nobody had like any weapon uses left (thank god for the brave sword), and the time limit scared me. The only reason I got through Chapter 4 was because I could camp at the center fort for as long as I wanted to. In Chapter 5, that wouldn’t work. Gretchen and Malachi went full Rambo on this map and cleared probably 90% of the enemies. Cruithne Used the last of her tomes, and Malachi broke both his swords. Gretchen clutched and hit two 70s against Alcaeus with the brave sword, while at low health and Cruithne out of range, before calmly walking into the city.

Gold: 16799
Turn Count: 98

-Buchanen (DEAD Ch4 to Lujcan)
-Leverene (DEAD Ch2 to Rapier Merc)
-Cruithne (MVP)
-Radogast (DEAD Ch3 to Archer)
-Sievert (DEAD Ch2 to Hammer Fighter)
-Salonious (DEAD Ch4 to Lujcan)
-Hikari (DEAD Ch3 to Cavalier)


This is honestly my favorite hack of all time and I just wanted to also express my appreciation for the MARTH sequel since no one else seems to have commented on it.

ON THE ULTIMATE LIFEFORM and general spoilery thoughts



I did go back to beat it the proper way, but that ending was the most fun by far.

The MARTH map was definitely full of loving callbacks to the original, and I ended up having to load my copy of Storge just to remember where my glitchy friend was. Interesting to see who ended up being left behind in canon so to speak, apparently Becker didn’t share my taste in party members.


This is still the best Fire Emblem game I’ve played. I replayed it again today and thought about the story.

It’s a brilliant story with a great focus on the main playable characters, but the main villain feels disconnected from the theme that binds the story together.

Writing Spoilers

Giving the main villain personal connections to the pasts of the heroes or a sympathetic motivation for being evil or a comically tragic past full of random suffering disconnected from the main theme to exposit on his deathbed wouldn’t be right.

Writing Spoilers 2

I think it’d be better for the story’s theme if he was explicitly stated/shown to have sacrificed his family members and close friends in the pursuit of his ambition and forced people to abandon their dreams in favor of being useful to him and helping him achieve his dream. He could even try to manipulate others (perhaps a child of his own?) through guilt and other forms of verbal abuse. This could make him a villainous parallel to the father at his worst, and without the understandable sympathetic aspect of genuinely loving family and believing wanting what he wants for his child (no matter what that child wants) is him wanting what’s best for that child. Having the main villain mention his father did the same to him and raised him to want to conquer and sacrifice all for the sake of conquest and never embrace true familial love, just as that man’s father did the same to him, could add the sense that a cycle of intergenerational trauma and parents putting their wants for their children over what their children want is broken when the heroes finally mend their familial relationship. The heroes wouldn’t just triumph over themselves at their worst and also some villains, they’d triumph over a villain who ties into the theme and the lesson they’ve learned about themselves and familial love. Love or a lack of it might even tie into his downfall in some way instead of using a dangerous weapon he wasn’t strong enough to handle. The villain lacking the skill to use dangerous weapons wasn’t part of the story’s theme. What if the villain forced his own son or daughter Gretchen’s age to use that cursed blade despite the pain and harm it inflicts on its wielder (or insufficiently powerful wielders like him), dooming him from the moment he was coerced into unsheathing it, and then after harming Becker, chooses to slay his own father while dying so they can have a heart-to-heart in their dying moments? The lack of familial love could doom the villain directly, while the familial love between Becker and Gretchen motivates her to save him and get him saved.

I hope I’m not overstepping any boundaries by saying this. Storge is still the best Fire Emblem game I’ve played, and I still love the story as it is.


apologies if this is rambly lol im tired as fuck but didnt wanna forget to post

Storge Spoilers

this is overlooking some stuff and just taking the base thing. the big bads ego mainly shot it all in the foot, with the downfall starting in 4 where his unwillingness to even consider the idea a merchant could’ve happened to be on a semi-reasonable route to a place and handled what was thrown.

where he then lost both a big chunk of the cult, and his main collaborator who had reasonable sway over things as a high ranking leader. before then doubling down again, and shutting out the novala-copy who clearly hadn’t finished what he was saying about the evil ass shadow sword. ignoring the idea he could be at fault for making poor choices in handling becker and instead just blaming him for it all going wrong.

his downfall is an extreme mirror of beckers flaw, its ego and an unwillingness to believe others could ever be as right or as correct and accurate as he is for even a single moment. to the point that he is the main cause for things going as poor as they do, just like how becker only exacerbated problems he created (like giving his daughter too much work, then doubling it up to “fix it”) until it reached a breaking point that made things worse for him. (heck you can argue semantics too and say that the villains ego exemplifies that he loves just himself to a point where he cannot fathom anyone else bein right if you wanna go that way, idk though im spitballin a lil :p)

tl;dr yeah i think the villain coulda possibly used bit more connection to the core but also talking about it this way over-simplifies the big bads downfall as just being “he wasnt good enough with swords” is a lil unfair to what is there


You’re right, sorry for overlooking the genius way ego was the villain’s downfall just because it didn’t involve familial love. I tunnel-visioned myself into missing that.