Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon save editor or hack with Nightmare?

I’ve been played the Full Content patch of FE: Shadow Dragon, and while I love getting all the content, despite saying you can recruit everyone, in Chapter 16 you can still recruit only either Samson or Arran. So I was wondering if someone made a save editor for this game yet or if I have to learn how to hack with the Nightmare program or something?

(also on an unrelated note, even though I haven’t gotten to this part yet but I say someone point out and I looked into it, I also wish you could access Chapter 24x more naturally without having to kill Tiki and lose the Falchion then revive both in the next chapter, but that’s just a minor thing)

You can get nightmare modules for a variety of games including Shadow Dragon here:

As for trying to edit the save rather than the ROM, no one has ever even managed to edit GBA save data, let alone a less understood game like FE11. If you want Samson AND Arran in a post chapter 16 save, might as well just cheat by editing the ROM to have him join you in the disposition editors and then once he’s in your party he should be stored in the save so you could use that save with another ROM.

Well, I have seen some save editors for GBA games I believe, like for Final Fantasy V Advance for example, but if editing the rom is the way to go, I can try. Is there a tutorial on how to do it with Nightmare? I’ve never done hacking like this before so I’m not sure how it all works yet.

Here is a tutorial on Nightmare: Fire Emblem Hacking Workshop/Tutorial. Nightmare, Feditor - YouTube (The beginning of the video is just a patching tutorial)
Essentially you just open a ROM, load the Nightmare Modules (.nmm files) use the gui to edit, then save your changes by pressing Enter and then saving the ROM. Nobody hacks GBA this way anymore, but Nightmare works the same with games for other systems.

Thanks for this. Trying to edit a character’s stats to see if my hacking works, as I want to do that and a few other things. No luck so far. I’m editing the Arch’s Sync patch and I have a save set up. Even starting the chapter over doesn’t seem to work? Unless I don’t need to? This is all still new to me so it’s gonna take time before I figure out if I’m doing anything right or not.

Shadow Dragon hacking is a bit different from normal GBA nightmare hacking. You need to decompress the correct files, then put em into nightmare, edit, and recompress. Also some manual hex editing for stuff like text editing, although that is very limited considering you can only edit text, not make it longer or shorten it. I have all the programs necesarry on my drive, can send em over to you if you’d like. Theres’s a good bit of Documentation there but most of it is quite old.

Funny thing is, right after my post, I looked into it further and read some read me files and found out that I did need to uncompile and recompile the ROM for the changes to work. But if you do want to share some docs you have I’d be happy to look if it’s not too much trouble for you.

For text editing, you can use FE DS text editor that the FE12 translation team used. It is compatible with both games. - Utilities - Fire Emblem 12 Text Editing Tools


What programs do you have that can help?

Try DSLazy

Oh sorry, i forgot about all this. Will send stuff over over the course of the day
Apologies for the holdup. Here’s some of the files i got. BatchLZ77 to compress and decompress Files, Nightmare and the Nightmare Modules for FE11 and FE12. Some small notes i made, XDelta for making and applying patches (works just like UPS patches for GBA).
You’ll also need DSLazy to extract the game files from your rom, and a Hex editor of your choice (i use free hex editor neo) but you can use anyone you like. I haven’t included these two since they’re a bit bigger and It’d be easier for you to just google and get the latest version.