Nightmare Modules

I’ve gone ahead and recompiled these, should be the most up-to-date packages. This is the basic tool of GBAFE hacking; it edits the game’s raw hex code, but puts the jumble of values into a labeled interface for ease-of-editing.

And then, of course, a plug for Hextator’s Nightmare 2.0.

As of 2009/03/28/18:27, this application can parse all the component types that the original Nightmare can.

Because this application is compatible with FEditor Adv, avid FE hackers may want to consider switching from Nightmare to Nightmare 2.0…NOW.

I decided to go ahead and release what I have.

It has support for checksum validation and ID string validation.

It has the ability to use base pointers instead of just using base addresses and takes advantage of this to expand data.

Also, the doc is minimal (actually, you could say I haven’t started it yet, despite there being some content in the doc folder), so you’ll have to look at the source code if you want to learn how to use those new features and can’t understand the example below (or you can bug me on AIM/MSN).

The coolest part is that it tells you the exact address you’re editing down to the first bit of the data next to each editing control.

That alone, plus the fact that it’s multi platform should get you to start using this now and then. ;D


Curious, are there any new modules here from this site in the package? Would you be willing to make this a wiki post for those of us with updates to add?

Also are the modules maybe actually updated for NM2, or are they just kinda half-assed with it? NM2 is kinda terrible in a number of respects so unless the modules are formatted for it specifically, they aren’t doing much good.

GBA Nightmare modules for all three games have been updated. Changes include:


  • Terrain Data modules added
  • Chapter Unit module updated with unit AI definitions
  • Character/class/item names updated


  • World Map modules added
  • Randomized Unit modules added
  • Character Forcer module added
  • Death Endings module added
  • Chapter Data module updated with HM bonus level definitions

Along with a few minor additions and revisions, chiefly updating unit AI definitions in light of recent AI research.

The World Map Locations.nmm has some broken lists.
Some of the entries in Flags.txt don’t have a description.
World map icons.txt has this same problem, and doesn’t indicate how many entries are in the list.

Fixed those issues, thank you for pointing them out.


So the randomized item module keeps crashing. Literally every time I load it up, my ram blasts through the roof, nightmare hangs, and then crashes. I tried it on my CM rom but also a vanilla, same effect each time. Glancing through the module didn’t reveal any issues to me so… idk?

That uh…doesn’t happen to me. Doesn’t even use any more memory than usual. Maybe try shortening the names of the value labels? Or updating your Java?

tbf that module is pretty useless on its own; take a look at this document for a sense of what’s going on there.

Come to think of it, was there maybe an update to nightmare? Is it supposed to only work with NM2? Because it works fine with NM2.

That must be it then, the original Nightmare maybe can’t handle a module with 31 editable values.

Are you using NM1 or NM2?

Using NM2.

That module has 2 blank lines at the bottom. Remove one of them.
For whatever reason, that extra line makes Nightmare 1 totally freak out.


Goddamn, I can’t believe it was that easy. I may prefer NM1, but damn if sometimes it isn’t stupid obtuse :stuck_out_tongue:

The FE8 Targeting Table Editor has the wrong offset. It should be 0xD8178.

For both the FE7 and FE8 Targeting Table Editors, shouldn’t the entries in “AI Bytes.txt” go up to 0xF8?

Also, for the zero people who care about FE6, the offset for the targeting table is at 0x10D728


The FE6 AI Targeting Table Editor won’t open because the Zero.txt file is missing.

The nightmare 2 link needs to be reuploaded or something. I’ll just redownload 1 for now.

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Here’s probably the most complete collection of FE4 modules that I know of.


Hey, the modules seem to be down :<