Fire Emblem: Saving Christmas [COMPLETE]

Merry Christmas, everyone! Here’s a little present for you all, thanks to a challenge by Vesly on discord.

It seems Christmas is in danger! It’s up to Serini and co. to help save it by protecting Santa as he makes his deliveries!

Features of the hack:

  • One snowy chapter
  • Some cool weapons
  • A festive atmosphere
  • Roy
  • The most epic objective of multi-seize!
  • A crossover between two hacks, because I might as well get some advertising out of this!




santa hat: laurent

transporter dodge: n426

serini portrait: zaim

sword pegasus: mk404

sword peg map sprite: sephie

kersi portrait: sshx

snow village: nathan, hearthero

snow forest background: shin19

gandolf and dimaggio portrait: wave

warrior repalette: pushwall

fe8 roy: borsdeep

faeblade spell anim: seal, sacred war

barrier lance, crusher, double bow, bow dao, pilum sprite: beansy

faeblade: lordglenn

shaver: camtech


Was trickier than i expected, but still had a lot of fun. Good stuff, absolutely loved the music.

Woah you actually did it. Looks interesting. I shall have to check it out sometime when I have the chance.


It’s always epic to see the things I created included in a hack. Great job! :blush:

Fun hack. Did it in 12 turns.

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Well that was a fun single map journey!

Thanks epicer, managed it in 10 turns personally (although a slight splash of rigging maybe)

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Beat this map, had a great Christmas.
Coincidence? I think not.
This hack saved my Christmas.