Fire Emblem Sacred Stones+

I made a hack that is meant to be a fe8 version of a hack called fe4 overpowered.
However this hack is in a beta stage so please understand that if the hack has problems its because its not complete.
Here’s a list of changes for the beta-
A master knight class meant for Ephraim
HP cap is pushed to 80
Skills and Quality of life changes
Here’s the planned additions
Special Class for Eirika
1 extra branched promotion for most classes
3rd tier promotions for some classes
Extra weapons
That’s pretty much everything
Go to the bottom of the concepts section in serenes forest to get the ups


You might want to put the UPS here too. People aren’t going to dig around in Serenes Forest for a post that might not be at the bottom in a week from now.


how do I
do that though

step 1: create the text for the link

step 2: press the hyperlink button

step 3: paste your link into the box then hit okay

step 4: profit


no hyperlink for me:(

are you on mobile? and if you the hyperlink isn’t showing up you can just ctrl+C ctrl+V the url into your post without the hyperlink.

A lot of sacred stones revamps lately

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is there like something I need for hyperlink to appear?
Because i can’t even show a image:\


I found the problem!
Apparently hyperlink is replaced with upload
but upload doesn’t even work because it said I can’t embed media in a post

sorry the link isn’t clickable so your gonna have to-CRTL+C and then CRTL+V to find it

-_- bruh moment

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dont mean this in a rude way but genuinely confused how this happened

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I’m not really surprised

you gotta put a space between the last word you typed and the actual link for it to activate properly.

Why not just copy paste the original serenes download link? I recommend adding screenshots as well to further sell your hack.


I mean it’s a pretty simple hack it’s just that I’m new to hacking so I’m sorry if your experience is impacted I’m going to take the screenshots in a bit though
Please Enjoy the beta I will be improving it based on the replies that state the problems
Alright See y’all in 2-8 hours
If I’m not here by then it’s because I’m doing school or working on the hack

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no school XD
I’m still working on this hack though i even added a sick new class for eirika :wink:
Some bugs are there and there but so far its really only visual bugs
So please wish me luck everyone!

Finally i have another ups-It’s not good but it could be worse
Beware that this is going to be pretty buggy for a while… some things need to be nerfed but for now “enjoy” this hack:)