Currently 25 hours into crafting a sacred stones story with Ike and other tellius series heroes sprinkled throughout.

I DO NOT plan on changing the core of FE8’s story. I just wondered how much Ike would influence this FE UNIVERSE! Ive been playtesting and think I’ve got the right balance for our radiant hero.

Which one unit to you want in the story?

  • Titania
  • Volke
  • Haar
  • Shinon

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Wheres my Haar fans at?!?!


Currently on my 32nd hour developing a FE8 Rom with Ike alongside Eirika in the story. Him being a mercenary and having time skips just makes things easier lol. I was wondering which of these units would be interesting for you guys to see.
Let me know:


  • Volke
  • Zihark
  • Haar

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Hidden Talent

  • Nephenee
  • Mia

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Pitting my 2 favorite edge-lords against eachother… so cruel

There can only be one… :cold_face:


There’s no need to create a separate thread just to host a poll.

I’ve merged them together.
(Merging the threads seems to have deleted your poll results though, so sorry about that.)

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Im curious, is the battle UI like that without numbers/hp or is it just like that in the screenshots?

oh I fux wit you

Thats just the editor. The final battle animation will be clean with balanced stats… well as balanced as you can get for titania and the black knight. :sweat_smile:

40 hours or so hours now, screenshots soon.
Haven’t even begun the conditional events or supports yet. I suck at this but will not give up.

balancing in this game is tough… the enemies are just so bad. How did this army invade anywhere? they are literally dog water.


Almost at the route split! grind grind grind…


Ah yes, the ever evolving problem for any would-be FE8 rebalancer. The game is balanced around an absurd amount of horridly weak enemies, to the point where even just tuning enemy growths by 10% makes endgame terrifying.


What about adding some more powerful units to a few vital map zones instead?
That way you can keep the fodder for xp grind and have a chance to develop your top tiers early. Maybe increase the rewards for a chest area they’re guarding but assign a hero and a high lvl mage to that vault, instead of a soldier and a knight with 4 defense… (Like bro… ur a knight… c’mon) I’m gonna give that method a try in testing.

I have a request. Please increase the stats of Demon King and give him 2 health bars of 120 HP. Since now we’re gonna have skills and all, it’ll be fun.

Also, why don’t you just include everyone you mentioned in the poll and make their recruitment choice based.


Ohhhh this guy wants everyone!? This guy man… :grin: okay consider it done.

As for the demon king… I’ll have to play test the board first to see what buffs he’ll actually need. But I’ll make a copy with your stats to test.


I think the best idea is just to toughen up most enemies, while leaving grinding spots like the tower of valni intact. Although in terms of the tower, making floors 2-8 tougher would be cool.

I find that bulk increasing enemy power just makes for a tedious board no? Like ok they’re weak so I’ll make them stronger makes sense in every game but this one because of the scaling… It’s the direct approach but might make ur weaker units (Ross, Eirika, etc.) feel overwhelmed. If on the map there was a few units that were meant to be taken on by Seth or a few mid tier units at once it might balance the game out.

You could do what Blood did with the sacred trilogy and add mini bosses to maps after tana joins in each respective route. These mini bosses are promoted enemies that have pretty high stats, but are manageable if you play it right. Or a simpler change is giving enemies better equipment across the board like javelins and hand axes or even light brands to enemies. Or since you have the skills patch, include unique skills on the enemies for each chapter.


Really interested in this project! I played the FE9 + 10 demake a while back (great visuals, but holy crap the gameplay was hard,) and it’s always good to see more Tellius stuff!

This looks really cool!