Fire Emblem Rumors and Leaks

What is the most absurd Fire Emblem rumor and leaks you have heard and seen?

I remember the Fire Emblem Vampire and Pirate rumor, but that’s been dissolved as time goes by.


Oh how nice! Finally a witty thread, where I suppose a little joking is allowed, without immediately having some of the so-called bigwigs raise their voices, jump on you to pin you down and then gag you. So I remember a phantom and nebulous Knight of Zodiac (Saint Seiya) inspired Fire Emblem project mentioned here and there online and full of expectations and good intentions, but without anyone ever making the slightest effort to put it into practice.
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I’d like to address some utterly derranged FE4 remake related rumors:
“There will be an FE4 remake because of the FE4 banners in Heroes.”
If anything, from Heroes, you’d think we’d be getting an Awakening, Fates or Three Houses remake. FE4 is one of the least represented games.
“FE4 remake will be a Switch 2 launch title.”
Oh boy, Switch 2 clickbait really is everywhere. Is Nintendo really going to bank on a remake for a new console? Super Mario Advance did do extremely well on GBA, though, so maybe. But everything points to this upcoming remake being years and years in the making, this is going to be a regular switch game or BOTW situation where it’s on 2 consoles. Nintendo could choose to release this game that was developed for older technology only on Switch 2, but that would be an incredibly anticonumer move that deserves scorn, not praise. Why are these Switch 2 fanatics so eager to pay hundreds for a new system that will definitely still be weak compared to other consoles? If anything the Switch being supported for so long is a breath of fresh air in the consumer electronics market where corps like Apple dump a new phone with minimal changes every year.


I remember seeing screenshots of this crazy looking supposed FE lord with toothpaste hair.
Everyone was talking about it for months.

Who’d have thought those were real…


I saw some leaked screenshots of an official fire emblem x pokémon crossover recently



FE4 remake, obviously.

We want to believe.


Come on now…

Its clearly a heros switch port

yeah like anti consumer and nintendo dont go hand in hand lol


The vampire Fire Emblem definitely stuck out to me at the time. It sounded cool as hell even if a lot of it didn’t sound very Fire Emblem-like. The concept itself inspired my dream project immensely, which also got me into the gothic horror genre through osmosis.

The most ridiculous one that I can remember was the rumor before Fates came out that Elise was torn apart by Risen in Birthright as an example of how darker the story was going to supposedly be. I also saw someone claim in the post-3H days that IS was working on a Fates Switch port next.


I don’t really know why so many people are so convinced that an FE4 remake is happening. I think that FE4 is in kind of a weird place where the story, as presented, isn’t exactly hyper mature-not for kids material, but I still can’t see a game being released today where a woman is brainwashed into a sexual relationship with her half-brother unless Nintendo is willing to let it get an M-Rating, which it has never done with any of its IPs. And then nothing else about the game really warrants an M-Rating, which raises the question of at that point do you go super dark with portraying story elements like the child hunts since the game is getting slapped with an M anyway? Do you go ahead and show Sigurd’s execution in grizzly detail to drive home the tragedy of his story?

I’m not saying I wouldn’t be excited if an FE4 remake was announced, but I find it very unlikely that Nintendo will bring that game to a mainstream western audience.


Ive never played FE4. THEY WHAT???


Oh poor, innocent sweet child…

In their defence - it is peresented as objectively evil as hell and births literally the Antichrist.


In any case, the reason people think Echoes FE4 is happening isn’t just on vibes. Actually I think it’s a lot less likely since FE16 uses honed versions of many of the same story cues; Holy Blood into Crests, etc. But the same leak that predicted FE17 - back when it seemed like a complete nonsense idea that was clearly never happening - also predicted FE4 Echoes. When Engage materials came out, people understandably took the leak more seriously.

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I think this might indicate something?

I was thinking about that this weekend, actually, after playing FE4 again (this time translated.)

Like, I learned all of the story bits since I played it over 20 years ago, but going through it again really clicked how much of Genealogy’s DNA went into 3H. And it’s a lot, the only thing 3H is really missing is more unique/semi unique portraits for minor important characters that show up all over the place to really seal the deal, because there are so many, but they just use generics so they end up being completely forgettable.

I was contemplating making a sort of meme comparison chart, TBH.

I am a noted FE4 Hater so full bias here but I do think that people aren’t really aware of the context of how leakers leak things and how information gets passed around, etc.

The legit image leak was from Chinese QA testing most likely which would not have been happening on the next game unless it was also happening but would that QA tester be testing two FE games at once? Leakers sometimes get wrong information from the source that has accurate information which is intentional to throw their boss off, sometimes leakers add in lies to protect their source, sometimes leakers add information because they heard it from a different source but the other source is not trust worthy. Leaks are complicated and one part of a leak being true doesn’t always equal another part of a leak being true.

I do think an FE4 remake is not happening for many many reasons. As Permafrost says it’s locked into an M rating for the sexual assault and that is a core part of the story, it can’t be removed. Which means it will naturally sell less. Engage already sold less then houses, two games where number doesn’t go up is bad for any game series. Which brings in the next issue which is remakes have never sold well for Fire Emblem. Echoes, Shadow Dragon and New Mystery all preformed pretty badly and like why would they wanna do a remake. If they were going to release an old game, Nintendo is already porting gamecube games to switch, it’s as likely they simply port Fire Emblem Path Of Radiance with no major changes like they are doing with Paper Mario the thousand year door because that costs a lot less money then making 3D Models, a new combat engine to fit FE4’s unique mechanics, a new graphic style to fit FE4 since Engage does not fit FE4 [They could use 3H’s engine which more or less fits], and a lot more costs for something that is likely to preform badly.

I just think this is a place where any sense of logic dictates it won’t happen and all it has in it’s favor is that since Echoes came out people have leaked that an FE4 remake was in development. I remember saying that an FE4 Echoes was coming out on 3ds, I remember people saying it was canceled due to switch sales being too good and them deciding to shut down 3Ds development. They haven’t even done remakes in order as it stands we got FE1 remade then FE1 Remade then FE3 then FE2. It’s also just not a long enough history or remakes to have a pattern, it’s not like Pokemon where we are pretty sure they remake games in order of the farthest back region to not have a video game. I think it’s just raw cope and as long as the FE4 faithful are around someone will be willing to say “My uncle works at Nintendo and told me FE4 is real and happening.” Like every FE4 banner in FEH has people saying “New Nintendo Direct will surly happen and it will announce FE4 remake.”


The vampire emblem rumor was a big inspiration for my project! Though I love three houses enough to not be disappointed that it wasn’t vampire emblem.
As far as other leaks go, I was surprised that the toothpaste-haired lord turned out to be real


i still think the funniest thing was the initial rumor i’d seen that the engage leaks were actually some hyper-ultra-fucked remake of fe4 where they’ve utterly lost the plot on new additions.

seeing people going “OKAY SO WHO IN FE4 COULD THIS ‘VANDER’ GUY BE?” over on twitter was funny as hell.


We’ve gotten at least one Jugral remake copium banner every year. I don’t think it’s a good indicator at this point.