Fire Emblem Resource Repository (Battle Animations, Portraits, Music, etc)

GASP, the enemy!”
Persona 3 - Fuuka Yamagishi
Normal attire
Fuuka YamagishiFuuka Yamagishi
SEES Battle Gear
Fuuka Yamagishi (SEES Battle Gear)Fuuka Yamagishi (SEES Battle Gear)
Bath Towel
Fuuka Yamagishi (Bath Towel)Fuuka Yamagishi (Bath Towel)
Derp Expression
Fuuka Yamagishi (Derp)Fuuka Yamagishi (Derp)


This post has a bit of everything, but I’ve tried to categorize it all. I would’ve submitted this stuff to the repo directly through GitHub but I think I’ve messed it up somehow on my end, so I thought of doing the next best thing: organizing and naming things neatly in order to make putting this stuff in the repo as easy as possible for the maintainers. Click here to download all of the stuff below:

Demon King recolors

Fomortiis fans rejoice! He has returned with some new drip!


In all seriousness, all I did was make some recolored variations of the background image and the animations. The Demon King animations consist of a separate background image as well as the attacking animations themselves, the link includes these images and both Melee and Magic animations.

If you’re planning to use any of these, please read the readme included in the download folder. As this animation is different from most other animations, it is easy to cause visual/graphical errors if the image is not imported correctly.

Even more weapon icons

{Zarg} Weapon and Item Icons 3

Yaay…! I’ve made some more, ranging from simple recolors to completely original ones.
The download link has all of these categorized individually, so you should be able to just pick the one(s) you want and put them to your project with little effort.

Map sprites

First off, here are the recolored ballista map sprites I made, if you’re neurotic like me and the thought of the regular ballista and Iron ballista looking the exact same plagues you now that you’ve come to realize it- or if you just needed a chocolate-colored ballista in your life.
Ballista Dark Mounted {IS, Zarg}-stand
Ballista Dark Mounted {IS, Zarg}-walk
Ballista Dark Vacant {IS, Zarg}-stand
Ballista Dark Vacant {IS, Zarg}-walk

Secondly, here’s a ship map sprites. This uses the ship from Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals. Credit to daemoth for ripping the original assets and me for making it compatible with GBA FE:
Ship (U) {daemoth, Zarg}-stand

Map palettes

You’ll find the insertable palettes in the download link, this section mostly shows off some of the palettes I’ve made for my own project which I’ve decided to share. I’ve used vanilla FE8 maps as examples. Please keep in mind that all of my map palettes were created for vanilla / vanilla-adjacent tilesets, so the palettes might not be compatible with custom tilesets.




Everything included in the download link is F2U / F2E.


Syrene Morph
Made a syrene recolor as a morph you can use it as you wish hahaha


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Here is a new OC for people’s female pirate/bucaneer needs.
EDIT: Touched up the hat a little bit


OC - Roseanne
FE Roseanne
+No Hand Alt
FE Roseanne No Hand Alt


Hello everybody.
How are you? I hope well.

Another art-inspired splice for fun.

Eirika Renegade. Based on Serena’s Twitter
Renegade Eirika {UltraFenix, DATonDemand}

Using Evil Eirika by DAT and vanilla portrait as a base


Today I honor my username, with these portraits of my favorite pairing from FE6.

Removed as these edits did not have permission from their original creators


“I need your help!”
Persona 3 - Aigis
Normal attire
No Ribbon Bow Alt
Aigis (No Ribbon Bow)Aigis (No Ribbon Bow)
SEES Armband
Aigis (SEES Armband)Aigis (SEES Armband)
Gekkoukan High Uniform
Aigis (Gekkoukan High Uniform)Aigis (Gekkoukan High Uniform)

Edit: Made some quick fixes regarding the right eyebrow of her face, and the uppermost left mouth frame missing some shading. Hope no one has used this portrait yet.


Here is another generic


Fire Emblem Warriors - Aytolis Guardian Knight
FE Aytolis Guardian Knight


A lot of Zelkami’s portraits are unusable, especially in GBAFE, as they currently are, so I’ve been wanting to make them usable for quite a while.

This one was Zelkami - Wendilyn in Zelkami’s folder(? does that exist? I don’t remember).
There’s doubled up outline colors and a few places the repalette might be challenging to recolor but it should be doable and I don’t want to spend too much time on this.
Zelkami - Wendilyn
I’ve been working on the one labeled Bella for longer but I decided to redraw some mismatched portions and it’s taking way longer. I want to get Zelkami’s portraits usable sooner rather than later so I’m just putting the one here for now.

PLEASE make sure to put this in the right spot with the right credits. Again, this is a formatting and repalette (and slight edit) of Zelkami’s Wendilyn.


I’ve edited most of the vanilla map sprites to be gender-neutral if anyone wants to de-gender the vanilla class slots. I didn’t touch the shaman or wyvern lines as they were already gender-neutral.




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Four animation edits. All of them have the white tone removed from the face so the skin can be recolored.

Female mage with hat. Credit to Shin19 for ripping the loop frames.

Long-haired female myrmidon with pants.

Male myrmidon edit to have hair similar to the Swordmaster’s.

Female Swordmaster edit to give her the male’s clothes.


Did the green and red variants for the Aytolis Guardian Knight and fixed Inigo’s stat screen frame


Fire Emblem Warriors - Aytolis Guardian Knight Red Alt
FE Aytolis Guardian Knight Red

Fire Emblem Warriors - Aytolis Guardian Knight Green Alt
FE Aytolis Guardian Knight Green

Fire Emblem Awakening - Inigo
FE Inigo


Arranged the day version of A Verdant Wind Blows from Octopath II. .s file should be accessable in the folder linked below. Preview


hmmm…oh well, let me do right then + some other things:

Vanilla Roy with the Super Smash Bros. armor.
Using the portrait with talk and blink frames made by OBS and Lenh and the Super Smash bros. Roy portrait by BatimaTheBat as base

OA Armor Eliwood
OA Eliwood
Using the FE8 Colors version by Eldritch Abomination as base

Old Eliwood wearing his father’s hair (And in different styles of clothes)
Eliwood, Elbert's hair style {UltraFenix, OBS, Lehn, MagnaValkyrion}
Eliwood Fancy

Using young Elbert’s hair by MagnaValkyrion and the speech and blink frames by OBS and Lenh as a base

Ogiwood {UltraFenix}
Ogiwood? Eligier? (oh, i kinda like this one), i don’t know, you decide :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Here is a Fire Emblem TCG character


Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher) - Yuzu
FE Yuzu


Just created a young cavalier. An OC made by me.