Fire Emblem: Reawakening (Untitled new FE for 3DS)

Toilet-shaped armor cavs confirmed to be fixed. The designs seem a bit more grounded in realism, which I wholeheartedly approve (same artist confirmed, though). And I’m kinda hyped that an actual manga writer is in charge of the plot (if we’re going all-in on AnimeEmblem, might as well do it right). Gritty CGI sequences of people dying are confirmed, as is Tabletface the Ominous Golem (can he play Temple Run on that thing?). The map -> battle sequence transition is pretty cool, and seeing the real armies in the background is a nice atmospheric effect.

Pair up is confirmed to be back as a gameplay mechanic, as is the avatar (kinda sorta confirmed anyways). IS also might’ve borrowed a mechanic from FE7x: bows appear to have a weapon triangle disadvantage at melee range. Worth keeping an eye out for future footage to see what happens at 2-range. According to Iwata, player decisions regarding character actions will have greater impact than ever before. Hopefully that actually means something cool gameplay-wise. As long as there are no kids from the future, I’ll be okay.

Basically, this better be our reward for the sell-out hackery that was Fire Emblem: Awakening. Biggest confirmation of the reveal: yes, FE13 sold enough copies to save the series.

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As others have pointed out, this looks an awful lot like Halberdiers confirmed (unless they rename the class because they don’t actually use halberds).

Get hyped.

Gaiz. Dancer plot character.

Git hype.

Predictions, ppl?

The largely Japanese designs could be explained by setting the game in Chon’sin (purely speculation at this point).

The “Max” character is probably of little to no plot relevance in the end. Like Emmeryn.

I was kind of hoping they would try a different art style. While FE13’s is fine something different would have been nice too. Especially if this is in a totally different setting than FE13 since that would help distinguish the two games from each other.

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all i can say is that i appreciate the slightly grounded designs, and the act that the game seemingly looks like its going to at least try to take things seriously.

though the seemingly, fantasy west vs east thing defiantly has my attention.

huzzah the feet look halfway decent again

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I wanna see more dragons ‘3’

It’s called “Fire Emblem if” in the Japanese Nintendo Direct.

I wonder if this is a sequel of FE13 based on FE2’s history…

I know this is just a funny quip, but it feels kind of emblematic of the state the series is in. DSFE stripped away a lot of the basic tenets of GBAFE, returning to the roots (largely to the detriment of gameplay and depth). At this point the simplest things coming back (Light/Dark magic as their own weapon types, for example) will feel vastly improved after three games that went back to one weapon type for all spells. We went “back to the basics,” now let’s go back to what worked pleasekthnx. It’s all about the simple additions, the stuff that should’ve been there all along: like feet!

A couple of people have suggested that the Japanese-inspired nation could be Chon’sin (Yen’fay’s home nation), that seems to be a popular theory. At least it’s better than the people saying it’s an Elibe game because the dancer looks vaguely like Ninian.

Wouldn’t be the end of the world to see a game in Valm; I’m hoping that it’ll take place in a fresh setting, personally. We haven’t gotten a new world since Tellius.

That battle of the Swordmaster and the Knight reminds me the Ch. 4 of FE2 (Alm’s route) if you ask me.
And for some reason I thought the dancer was Micaiah.

And those Rock Giants? are very similar to the Rock Heads in FE2

Their faces are actually very similar to the “mouth of truth,” an Italian artifact. Thematically it feels like Rome vs. Japan is the focus on conflict, and the golem could be one of the western land’s ancient horrors. I’m not sure that’s actually definitively connecting the location to Valm, since the claim is basically “they’re in the same setting because gaiden had rocks that looked like a head for setpieces in the altars.”

Speaking of east v. west, the Pegasus Knight is wielding an Iron Naginata, and the Myrmidon has an Iron Katana, suggesting that the secondary staple weapons (Blades/Greatlances/Poleaxes in FE10) will all be eastern inspired this time. It’ll be neat to see how they differentiate from the standard weapons.

Hoping Generals were redesigned to be less awful looking.

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Wrys is best TCG card

Not related to the game but oh well, I hope you all didn’t forget the TCG is getting a revival!

On topic, FEif as the title amuses me. I eagerly await the english subtitle.

oh my god wrys’s card

why wrys

I want 10 Wrys-es

all of the wryses

on a side note i both highly doubt that its set in awakening verse and i sincerely hope its not as well.
and my main basis for that is the fact that the art direction though done by the same artist has a very distinct shift in its design at the very least.

TCG needs more wolfykun

Hopefully they sat the artist down and said “yeah, you got a little ridiculous bud, tone it down.”

“listen man you’ve got a problem, and this is an intervention”