Fire Emblem Nemesis

Just a your run of the day hack.
It probably will be quite short hack with 20 chapters split into two routes with the split being from the start.

Featuring the main character, Metztli a newly joined general to the formerly Four Generals renamed Five Generals.

Only… she have been accused of being a traitor and turned on by her own force, to escape… she had to put down her own men with her naive attitude to spare their lives.
On run now, she must figure out why she was accused, and just what is bringing her country of Nemlyis to destruction.

Newest screenshots to date, ones on Serenes are old.

Currently working on…
1A, 1B, Tadith’s specific recruitment event
(Need to make her pop next to Metztli instead of at a location, but I can’t seem to figure it out unless I do something dumb.)
Afterward… Palettes.

Future Plan-
Show off Prologue - 1A/1B in FEE3.
Playable Chapters of Prologue through Chapter 2A and 2B by FEE3 reveal.

Known Concern-
Dem Palettes.
Re-used Mugs.
Pitiable urge to spoil things.


Start building hype for FEE3

I certainly hope so. All of my playtesters liked the prologue so far… I only hope it continues on from there.

Ran into an interesting problem.
Four of the enemy units I placed in the side of reinforcement has droppable items but I never had intentions to make them droppable.
How do I fix this, if anyone knows.

If the base is FE7, the droppable items byte is fixed to the character the unit is; you can change the character or change the byte in a nightmare editor(don’t know off the top of my head what value it is or what byte but check some of vanilla FE7’s droppable items). In FE8, it’s controlled through the events.

Oh I see!


Here’s new bones to feed you ladies.

I was pretty hesitant on whether or not to show it. But decided to since it’d be nice to update once in a while.
I should be able to have 1A peeks out within next week or two before FEE3.
Then I’ll work tirelessly on 2A,2B to get a playable demo for you guys :slight_smile:

Just a minor update to tease
Here you go.

Ooh~ Custom animation. I like it!

edit like a month and a half later: Wait, that’s Beta Erika, isn’t it?

Got the map. Finally, jeez that was a long wait. :
Gonna event it up now, but it won’t be as polished as I’d wanted it to be because of the time consumed on the wait.

Here’s few pieces from the dialogue battle.

Hmm… I’m a bit concerned about how it’s a single chokepoint and there’s not much varied terrain. I hope you use flying units to enhance the tactics on that map a bit, because otherwise it’s a bit bland.

Or is it much larger than appears on screen in the screenshot?

It’s lot larger than it appears. There’s only a one tile choke in that map and it’s for early game. I might introduce fliers to that chapter but that’d be probably an overkill. (You get a pre-promote flier for that chapter as your ‘Seth’)

Beside it’s only a prologue map, it’s not like you should have much various fun with it to which you’ll have more of in later chapters.

Okay, fine, if it’s the prologue I guess you can not have fliers. But you better have it in your next chapter! Hector Hard throws pegasi at you in its second chapter, and I expect no less here :P.

Chapter 12 actually :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is the second chapter of Hector Hard mode.

That’s a fast reply. But otherwise yes.

Man, I hate eventing, I can’t chug out more peeks because of this stupid lou1 problem. . .

Lavaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave

I don’t know if I should say this but.
I’m embarrassed because it wasn’t lou1 problem, but rather a map sprite problem that occurred with assembling the event.
Phantom Mapsprite y u so hard 2 use!
Ignoring the palettes…


Oh god what is that mess to the left. Oh god, you haven’t released the creeper and doomed us all, have you!?

(That said, it’d be fun to see a FE Hack remaking Creeper World)

It’s an error that happens with FE7 tilesets… some of them. It’s supposed to be dark soils I believe (I’ll show you the fe8 map of this one) I have to import fe8 tileset to make my map work better soon or latter. I’m hoping for after fee3.

FE8 tileset map.