Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now


The dust is a nice touch and I really like how Roy’s leg/stance looks in Vilk’s edit here.


I used to follow this like two years ago. It’s cool to see it’s still being worked on and wasn’t just dropped. Any chance it may be released before 2019?

Also, are supports handled in the usual GBA Fire Emblem way of standing next to each other, or will there be a different method?


It’s not hard if you read/view a tutorial while you’re working. Of course, most tutorials don’t currently use Builder (Which is why I need to migrate mine)


Supports are a mix between FE9 and 3DS FE style. The convos occur in the base between chapters and points are built up by both units just being deployed in them, however like 3DSFE, there isn’t a cap at 5 convos, instead you can have one S support and as many As as a unit has support partners


I actually prefer Roy’s knee bent. The lung in rapier/fencing involves you bending your forward knee as part of a forward lunge.


I think the main complaint is that it doesn’t look like a common Fire Emblem Animation, as they’re generally flashier and less logical as far as presentation while Roy’s current animation (Which looks fine to me) looks more like a real position (as shown in your examples)


That’s a fair point, though I always viewed standard moves for un-promoted units to be more “normalized”. The flashy and over-the-top moves seemed reserved for critical attacks, promoted animations, and legendary/special weapons.


The issue currently with Vilk’s quick and dirty (And it was quick and dirty) animation is it violates the “Line of Action” in animation

The line of action doesn’t necessarily call for realism (obviously) but it does call to visually pleasing design.

EDIT: To be clear I am talking for another animator, I personally don’t really follow things.


I can understand that, but I feel the animation looks better because of vilk’s edit. One of my main gripes with Roy’s animation has always been the fact that he should not be able to lean like that without falling on his face. Having his leg forward to actually stabilize himself and properly hold himself upright makes the animation look far better than the goofy vanilla version.

EDIT: Also, according to that image, wouldn’t the vanilla animation also violate the line of action? Specifically the “wrong” one in the bottom left.


I think your animator friend is confused… All limbs and body parts don’t have to fit into lines of action. Both your and Vilk’s edits have the line of action going from Roy’s right arm/sword down his body and down his left leg. The other leg can go anywhere so long as it looks good. If anything really stands out regarding line of action (in OG and all proposed edits) it’s Roy’s left arm, which would probably need to look like Chonocast’s last image so that it’s no longer perpendicular to the line. Edit: the final stance on this [image] ( is an example of Vilk Roy’s line of action.

Just my 2c but pointing out that it’s quick and dirty twice like that seems rather rude to someone who’s providing visual mockup feedback for you… Your team will do your own work, obviously, but I would think that the animated feedback is much more useful than people like me throwing a bunch of vague “ehhh… Something’s wrong with this part” at you. Thanks for all your hard work–looking forward to the next bit of news.


Looking back, I think the thing that makes even the edit kind of awkward is that his stance is too high if it’s going to be a fencing-type deal.

So I poked it to match the references a bit more closely. It feels better with the centre of gravity lowered just a couple of pixels.

A deeper lunge might work too, for a more swooshy-actiony feel? But regardless, I feel the forward leg needs to be, well, forward in order to absorb the momentum.


This was my discussion with Can, who has been offering critique, but I realise we weren’t getting anywhere, so I decided to talk to Artix, who does actual fencing and so can offer advice on actual Fencing.

In regards to Can’s comments he says

I showed him the quick edit Vilk did above in motion

And in regards to Can’s comments about the Paladin and Warrior


Okay, regardless of anything, I have to call bullshit on the first part - if he sticks a rapier in someone like that, it’s more likely than not going to go straight through them and not do much to halt his momentum at all, at least until the hilt hits them.

Anyway, about the hit before landing,

I added a frame with his foot just one pixel off the ground, but I’m not sure if it’s better to actually show that,

or to just imply it with a smear. The first one looks fine, until my eye catches on the pre-landing frame, which makes it feel really awkward.

…Anyway, I’m guessing that bit won’t actually be visible given the shake/flash of the hit.

edit: or because I can’t stop tinkering with this to save my life,

maybe fucking with the original lunging smear? I watched a video and it looks like the leg kicks out more at first, then lands and bends, so maybe this gets that across better??


Hi! Just stumbled upon this the other day and it sounds like it’ll be amazing when it comes out. Can’t wait to try it out!

As a small question, since it seems that Nino is playable, who are all her supports? I’d assume her sons, which I’d love to see since the three of them are among my favorite characters in the series. Maybe Erk since she could in FE7 and Hugh since he’s possibly her cousin and was mentioned in her support with Canas.


As of right now, Hugh is the only one we’ve written supports for Nino with. I’ve been more focused on the base conversations and the main game, supports will come last.


Oh, we’re going to see Fe7’s cast here? that’s nice. Looking forward to completion of it; :thumbsup:


Makes sense, will definitely be looking forward to seeing those (particularly Nino’s supports with the twins) once the game’s done.

Also I definitely like how Sigune, Gale and Erik seem to be recruitable as well. Is Sigune still a boss as well, and if so does she have/can use her personal skill as one?


Certain characters will be playable, others will be NPCs, and some may not appear at all. If I remember correctly, aside from the characters who already were in both games or died between Blazing Blade and Binding Blade, these characters have been mentioned at least once:



Personally, I’d rather not know everything before playing this myself. Some surprises are always nice.


Matthew wont be appearing, I believe I answered a question previously as to “What’s he doing?” By saying he was the current Spymaster of Ostia. And I’m not even sure if I’m keeping that.

We’ve also debated mentioning Pent, Louise and Serra by name. Generally our feeling is on the professionalism of the product and how self-indulgent/relevant it is to actually have said characters appear, even for a one-off scene. As always, things are subject to change as we write, but I’m very minimalist when it comes to references to FE6’s Prequel.


Speaking of which… Is the bishop from Chapter 3 always been a generic? I keep having the weird idea that he’s probably Lucius but older. Just asking.