Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now


What will you do about the Music Onmi? Will it be the same as the original Fe6 or will you remaster it?


I mean I’m not a musician, I don’t really know any musicians, I can’t really answer that question.


Hey Mr Onmi, please help me, i want to play but i dont know where i can download, please give the link


This mod isn’t finished yet, and Onmi has stated that he does not intend to release it until it’s completely done. As for how far he’s gotten, the first post gives an overview of what has been done and is yet to be done as of March 8th of this year.


oh oke for the answer, ill be waiting until release,
thank you Mr ELS ^^


Do you still need any help on the graphical side? I dropped my class recently so I have nothing to do all week for the next two semesters and can spare some time on mugs/an animation.
tbf though, my design principles are pretty anime. lol
I just really want to work on promoted graphics :eyes:


That would entirely depend on your work. Send me some examples and I’ll tell you.


I want to work on this project too XD
I can do mugs but not animations.


Have you made any changes to the personalities or traits of the major characters?


i don’t think he’ll make any big changes, might expand more on their personalities


Our lord and saviour Onmi-sama O:)


So A while ago I asked for a lot of opinions about Roy, and when we distilled them all with our personal bias this is what we wound up with

We of course, seek your thoughts regarding these too


Can’t wait until October (in Echidna i trust)


There is something awkward about his feet during the return landing. They’re more… slippery than they used to be.



Damn i just tried to insert 4 battle animation for a first time in a clean fe8 rom and it fucking take 4 hours of my dumbass life to get it working so i can understand how hard this project is. Always grateful to all Fe hackers.


I don’t notice the return landing too bad, but the way his right foot slides forward while the knee stays in place during the thrust looks a tad awkward to me.

Overall looks great though! There was always something a bit boring about Roy’s animation pre-Binding Blade.


It would be dope if you could make pre-sword of seals roy do the smash melee forward smash attack animation!


Now that you mention it, yeah. And the leg/foot position doesn’t seem very stable, like he should tip over from the momentum.

v :confused: v



I mean it’s a quick edit, you could obviously fuck with the cape timing if you actually wanted to go at it seriously.