Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now

So here’s a question. If DevStream is once a week. What day would you guys like it to be on to watch? The weekend? Any certain time? Let me know!


while any day of the week is fine for me, i think the weekend is best


Saturdays work best for me, although not at night (6:30 PM CT thru 1:30 AM CT)


Weekend :slightly_smiling_face:


Weekends would work best for me as well.


have you… tried actually searching the forums?

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The weekend is best, you CHAMP! :smile:


Pretty sure he’s more interested in the


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So, here is the plan going forward for next week

On Monday at 8:30 AM UTC+10 (So this should be Sunday for most of you) we’ll be doing DevStream. DevStream in general is a time where I will either do some writing, some coding, put something into the game. You can talk with me, offer suggestions, ask questions. It wont replace the Weekly update, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t catch the stream that you don’t know if anything has happened. I don’t know how long streams will go for yet, because I’m still fighting a lot of my own issues here. But it should be a way for the community and I to interact. So I hope to see you all there.


for those on the east coast of the US that’s 4:30 PM on Sundays


This week’s Roundup

  • Once more, just a bunch of text formatting for insertion, A lot of people are still on extended vacation and we’ve talked about how I can’t make them work. I can only ask them too. I apologize for the lack of massive updates.
    *Refinements are ongoing for the Soldier and Soldier (F) due to… well not being the most fleshed out animations.

It’s time DevStream, come on in while we do some writing and other stuff!

Hey! Thanks for everyone who came. I’m glad you all got to enjoy.

The Replay will be up tomorrow on my youtube account. Don’t worry if Writing isn’t your thing, DevStreams will be more than just writing a chapter.

See you tomorrow for the Weekly update


This week’s Roundup

  • Naturally, this week was the start of the DevStream! In that DevStream we finished off writing Chapter 28, and the Base Conversations that’ll play if you got the Gaiden.
  • More work on the Male and Female Soldier animation to bring them up to par was done. fixing a lot of wonky frames, making it smooth and proper criticals.
  • Evaine has a new portrait in process. I’ll post the final result when it’s done and show a timeline of the various states it went through.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a stream, but it wont be DevStream. I don’t know what I’m playing yet, but it should be pretty fun. If you’re not sick of my voice after last time, and want to see me shoot the shit, probably talk about game design itself, and want to just ask questions about MoD which I am always happy to answer, drop by. It’s at the usual DevStream time of 4:30 PM on the East Cost

EDIT: Yo, the decision was made. In 8 and a half hours, I’ll be playing Final Fantasy 4: Complete Edition. So tune into that if you’re interested in a review of classical RPG systems, elegance in simplicity and the failures of the same simplicity.


Me: I’ll just stream for a few hours, nothing major
Also Me: And after 13 hours, here we are at FF4’s end game.


It’s DevStream, and today, we’ll be doing a little scattershot mix of all kinds of hacking. If you want to come shoot the shit and see things get done, drop by!


A little late but it’s Update day!

This week’s Roundup

  • We worked through some bugs in Chapter 1, turns out the reason music cut out in Chapter 1 was due to the way battle events work with music.
  • We inserted the Sage SFX, in turn breaking the Sage animation we need to fix now, We’ll fix it.
  • We fixed up some of the opening, but showed off some of the bugs we got.
  • We reworked the font a little, going to make us need to rework dialogue a little
  • We edited some of the dialog we wrote for Chapter 28

Debugging the ch1 music was certainly… an adventure to say the least.

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This is one of those Adventured in Romhacking things, where the answer to your problem 99% of the time… is dumb. Like… It’s always something stupid, it’s never a clever problem that you have to work through.


Oops I forgot to align


Hey! We’re live with DevStream in 30 minutes! See you there as this time I’ve actually slept properly and also aren’t in a hotbox hell!

Hey! Thanks everyone for dropping by. I realize we’ve only been working on FE6’s CH1 intro, but hopefully you now also see what kind of a crazy person I am in regards to hacking and spacing and look.


Hey, sorry! Was sleeping through hunger pains I forgot to post the update!

This week’s Roundup

  • Reworked the Chapter 1 opening, adjusting dialogue, movement on the map, cleaning it up to be release-visuals
  • Adjusted the font, now the lower case R should stop hugging letters.
  • Made a new portrait for Sick Eliwood
  • Started laying out the instrument map for the music rework.
  • We fixed the Sage’s cape! Well the Male Sage’s cape… we’ll get it done.
  • Work started on Alan’s promoted portrait.

Rallying the team to get them back on track, so you guys should be getting more than “What’s Onmi himself been doing, Guest Starring others.”

Don’t forget to tune in for the Weekly devstream, don’t think it’s the only time you can ask questions either, I’m always open to answering anything at any time. Also, I’ve uploaded all 3 of the current DevStreams to Youtube. I’ll link them in the OP eventually.